Doctor Who 11

I will post instrux. Maybe. Only if you want.




The last year Dr Susan Seymour came to the university were my dad works. I went with him and my mom and talked with her. She folded me this! And his son chat with me.


Hey! It’s origami me! 🙂


When I finished my Homework, I looked the book, and found instrux for this!


And, I was cleaning my room when I found a piece of some-weird-thing with the shape of Admiral Ackbar’s head! How strange! Anyway, I decorated it.


And that is all. If you liked something, comment about it.

pencil wars!

You may remeber on Darth Paper strikes back mike talks about pencil wars, a game of Mr Snider. Well, clomex (my brother) and I are going to play it… but big. Who do you think will win? Comment! And remember you have 2 days left before I close the free question post.