Homework (done)

I decided to fold the Dragon of Jo Nakashima. Also, SFF gave me a good idea (fold the mario characters). Anyway, here it is



My homework

For math’s spring break homework I have to fold an origami piece. I dunno what to fold. It must be something complex, like Kawahata Yoda (but I already know how to fold it, and my teacher knows that so she probably won’t let me fold that). Any suggestions?

How to survive in a restaurant

Good news Jess! Now I am an awkward dorky person too 😶

  • First, never, never, NEVER, drink fast your lemonade (or other), waiters always fill your drink when done. Its cool at first, but then its horrible when you are in a cinema after that (And we know everybody hates to go to pee when you are watching a movie
  • Dont eat cheeses! Unless you want a taste of milk for all the food you will eat
  • Try to not pay attention to the other persons (they love to see a mistake in restaurants, if you make a mistake, you are lost)
  • Avoid the big crystal statue that is in the centre of the restaurant (again, you will be lost if you dont avoid it 😐)