How to survive in a restaurant #2

So today I returned to the same restaurant with my dad to a conference with a woman that comes from Ohio. Since there were a lot of people there (11 persons exactly) and I had to be “formal”, here are more tips for surviving in a restaurant.

  • Don´t finish your water before all. They will see you like Quavondo but with drinks.
  • The little fork is for the salad, the little knive is for the bread, the regular fork and knive are for the meal, the spoon is for the soup and the little spoon for the dessert.
  • Don´t make a lot of jokes, at least don´t make more than 2.
  • Try not to make visual contact with the persons.
  • A call in your phone ruins the silence (yes, I know silence can be annoying sometimes, but trust me, is impolite).
  • Ignore the last rule if somebody makes you an indiscreet question.

This is the part where you leave your thoughts, by the way...

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