Just listening some problems

My friend has a lot (A LOT) of crush problems and friendship problems, she always tells me about it. Since I have fun with the problems (and I want to make a story using them) I will share the “problems” with you. Also because I am bored. So, lets start with these way:

¤She had a boyfriend
¤That boyfriend flirted a lot with a friend of her
¤That friend is self-centered
¤She turned mad
¤Boyfriend stopped talking at her
¤She turned more mad
¤She came and asked me how to broke with him
¤I am like “Why do I have to care?” and then *facepalm*
¤I say something like “Just say that you arent talking more and that your relationship doesnt work like that”
¤She liked the idea
¤The next day she broke with him
¤He talks about it with the friend
¤Her friend tell to another girl (friend of her too) she is acting like a jerk
¤She wants to talk with the other friend
¤The other friend calls her b**ch shouting
¤She thinks her friend is just tired and upset and walks away
¤The next day she wanna ask her something about exams
¤Her friend is like “STFU”
¤She turns upset
¤Her friend turns upset too
¤Today her friend was found crying because of that

Comment what do you think before, if its funny or what 😂 , it’s free and legal. OY30 out. Peace!


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