Um, I don’t want to sound egocentric but… I won like 10 awards! Thanks everybody who voted for me! Congrats to the other winners too. And as I would say, “Estuqui!”

Jessenia's Blog

Blogger of 2015 is.. Me!

SuperFolder of 2015 is… John!

Best Female Blogger is…Me!

Best Male Blogger is… OY30!

Best Male SuperFolder is… OY30!

Best Female SuperFolder is… Me! I personally think Lou and I get it equally)

Best Blog goes to… OY30!

Best Detailer On Origami goes to… OY30!

Best WordPress Username goes to… MyrMyr! Obvious he would win this one ☝🏼️☝🏼

Best Photos goes to… Brace_Face!

Best Punctuation goes to… MyrMyr! How ironic from his comment from wanting it xP

Most Professional SuperFolder is… OY30!

Most Professional Blogger is… OY30!

Most Creative goes to… Cammy and OY30!

Most Original is…OY30!

Most Friendly is… OY30!

Most Thoughtful is… OY30!

Most Nerdy is… Me!

Most Funny is.. Me! (What!?)

Weirdest is… Tanner!

Most Good Looking is… John! ( Brace, OY30, and me got second)

Congrats to everyone who participated! Check back to see who got placed…

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