El chavo del ocho VM#6

‘El chavo del ocho’ was a TV program transmitted by Televisa. It is about an orphan kid (interpreted by Roberto Gomez Bolaños) that lives in a neighborhood with his friends Quico, Chilindrina, Popis, Ñoño, Paty and Godinez. El chavo also interacted with the adults of the neighborhood: Don Ramon, Doña Florinda, Profesor Jirafales, Jaimito (the postman), Doña Clotilde, La Bizcabuela, etc. El chavo showed the life of a poor guy, how he played, went to school, imagined, and lived. El chavo was so popular because showed a reality, and the people  identified with it characters. At the beginning of the 21st century Anima Studios created the cartoon of him. Currently kids and adults enjoy watching it because of his white humor .


Post dedicated to Roberto Gomez Bolaños (1929-2014)


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