Just another day on ‘Annoying Land’

So, my mom took my brother, sister and me to a meeting of old friends (of her). We were the firsts that arrived, the hostess of the meeting took us to her garden and told us we could sit, eat some cookies and watch TV while they are talking. We sat, and turned the TV on, I really care on our attitude when we are visiting, so I told my brother and sister:

“Guys, just eat two cookies.”

“Aw, why just two?” my sister asks.

“Because it´s impolite when you are at other person´s house and you are being gluttonous”

“I´m not gluttonous!” she shouts.

“Then just eat two cookies”

She gets upset and takes two cookies, me and my brother do the same. We are watching a movie on Disney Channel when 4 kids arrive. The same the woman told us. They sat, suddenly the little girl detected the cookies, and takes one. The older sister takes two, the brother takes two, and the other sister one. I watch them with discretion. The boy takes other two cookies and the little sister too. The older sister has the great idea to play with his brother BattleShip while we are watching the movie (in the same table. 7 persons in a table). They shout (literally, shout) the coordinates. Another sister takes four cookies (wow) and the brother too (doble wow). My brother and sister start watching at me, like if they were saying “the cookies will end”. I know what they feel, but its gross watching the 4 kids eating all the cookies without even drink. Finally, the brother and sister decide to stop the game and watch Phineas and Ferb. When the episode starts, the little girl goes with her mom for more cookies, meanwhile, Phineas says a joke and the brother makes a fake laugh. Forced laugh. This forced laugh is repeated 15 times, but it´s not all, the boy looks an ad of the new Disney movie “Descendants” and starts shouting:


Me and my brother are like “You don´t say?”, and keep watching. After 20 minutes, the meeting ends. We survived two hours with the annoying combo (lol). But, suddenly, when we are almost leaving the garden, their mother arrives and says:

“Hey! Has everybody met each other? Did everybody played together?”

It´s not the end, the kids, my brother, my sister, and me put Poker Face while their mom is explaining how similar we are since three of them have our same age. Their mom is like “you could be best friends FOREVER! 😀 “. We just watch. The little meeting ends and we finally arrive home.


8 thoughts on “Just another day on ‘Annoying Land’

  1. blackcat345 July 22, 2015 / 8:19 am

    I totally understand!


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