El Santo VM#11

As you might guessed, the last issue had an spoiler for the Viernes Mexicano of today. El Santo!

El Santo was a famous wrestler and actor.  How he turned into a legend can’t be explained with precision, but, it can be told that Mexico needed someone to believe in, there were hard moments in Mexico.
El Santo has that name because, one day, when he was starting as a wrestler, his boss gave him three names to choose for a team he was making up: El Santo, El Angel or El Diablo. El Santo turned fastly very famous, because he never losed any of his fights. Then, a job was offered to him, acting on movies. El Santo accepted, but saying that he wouldn’t leave his wrestler job. El Santo acted in 52 movies. And keep fighting good. Thats were that song I gave you the last week enters: ‘El Santo el cavernario, blue demon y el bulldog’.

So thats all for today guys, sorry for the short info but I was busy today and just now I had time for posting. Promise: the next issue will be better. OY30 out, peace!


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