Dream #5 (Finally!)

So, this dream starts with the school, but, wait, the school has changed, now it´s… a park! I can see all my classmates riding their bikes, some with their skates, others playing basketball, soccer, etc. I´m walking and a teacher gives me an slice of pizza! PIZZA! I´m like “Wait, what?!?” The teacher says “Oh, just eat it, jeez”. I look at my friends, everybody is having fun, even the teacher that is always angry! I´m surprised. So surprised that I don´t see a ball jumping, it hits my head and I wake up, realizing that I hit my head with a furniture.

Well, that´s all! The weird-dream-period has ended (I hope because some years I have an extra dream). School is near!


2 thoughts on “Dream #5 (Finally!)

  1. badatgaming130 August 12, 2015 / 7:51 pm

    School’s a week away for me…. 😦
    Can this be what my school’s like? Please? 😛 (I’ll pay the teacher $50 if she says yes 😀 lol)


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