Robin is the evil guy? [SPOILER ALERT]

Caution: this post has spoilers that might ruin you two movies twice. Keep reading if still you want to know.

Hello guys, today I’ll give you an spoiler that you might have noticed. If you watched the trailer of ‘Batman v Superman’, maybe you saw this Robin suit:


Cool huh? We can expect Robin in Batman v Superman!
But not the Robin we know, and that suit didn’t appear like that, because…


Paint. In the suit. With ‘HAHAHA jokes on you BATMAN’. Who wrote that? Answer: the Joker. The Joker? But he won’t appear on Batman v Superman! Indeed, because he will appear on Suicide Squad. And the thing is, that there is a theory that says ‘Robin is the new Joker’. Boom. Mind blown.


How? As you can probably see on Joker’s pic, he has an scar on his left shoulder.


That red point on the last A. And, in Robin’s suit we have an scratch on the same place.


There. Below the layer.

So what can we expect? A Robin that got mad with BatMan and turned into Joker? We can just wait…

More info about Joker=Robin theory? Watch this:

6 thoughts on “Robin is the evil guy? [SPOILER ALERT]

  1. braedengrebenik September 5, 2015 / 7:57 am

    Woah. I think your are right.


  2. Mega3Hero August 31, 2015 / 8:25 pm

    The reason being is because this is the Jason Todd Robin. The suit is tattered, scratched, and painted because he was tortured and eventually killed by the original Joker. He was revived and became the Red Hood. Technically Jason Todd is the Joker because he takes his older persona. Yadayadayada. But the only Robin known to take the form of Joker is Tim Drake. Yeah, it’s super confusing… 😧😴😴😴

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