Clone Troopers TAT#3


Clone Troopers!
Oh, I know everything about these guys!
Wow! Really Dracoola?
Yeah! They have white suits
They have blasters!
Yep, what else?
They are the kind of bad guys that can’t kill
Wait, bad guys?
They can’t even shoot well!
Um, Dracoola…
They are so stupid they can’t…
We’re going to talk about Clone Troopers, not Storm Troopers.
Oh, but they are the same, aren’t they?
They aren’t, and I will start with this. Sometimes people think that all the clone troopers turned into storm troopers, but that’s wrong. Do you know what’s a funny fact about Clone Troopers? The only way you can identify one is by his hair! 😆
-Rex! Come with me! I need your…
-Um, General Kenobi, I’m not Rex
-Oh, then, Cody! Come with…
-Nope, HE is Cody, I am Fives
-Good gravy, well, Cody! Could you…
-I’m Rex, General Kenobi, he is Fives
-Um, Fives?
-Nope, Cody

Lol. Very true.
And other thing, don’t you hate that in the movies they don’t have feelings, but in The Clone Wars one even has a family?!?!?! What the Knife?!?!?
Well, remember that Dave Filoni was the main director of that TV show; he had to explain lots of things that George Lucas didn’t.
But what about their suit? It’s awesome! When I was 11, I wanted a Rex suit! Those suits are the best of the prequel trilogy.
I liked the Jar Jar Binks one
Ok, ok, calm down
Now, the last thing, that will blow your mind, get ready…set…here it comes…wait…prepare…and…
No physical suit armor was built for the Clone Troopers on the prequels.


I have a question for you guys: ‘Are you happy about Rex appearing with other clone troopers on Star Wars Rebels?’

Well, that’s all for today. Remember that you can ask for a topic which I would talk about it on a next TAT. Tell me if you liked this post, comment, be cool
And remember “No matter how old you are, the little spider of the bathroom will always creep you out”
OY30, the mexican boy
And Dracoola
Out, peace!


7 thoughts on “Clone Troopers TAT#3

  1. D.N. September 18, 2015 / 8:15 am

    I am immensely excited about the return of Rex, Wolffe and Gregor. Sadly, our family got rid of Disney XD so we cannot see Season 2. 😥

    Liked by 1 person

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