Batman v Superman TAT#7


It’s Batman v Superman time!!!
Yeah, though there are many persons excited about the upcoming movie of DC comics, there are low expectatives about it. First, Michael Keaton told Ben Affleck that he was Batman. Really. He did. That he could never change the fact that he started the Batman movies age, because he is Batman.
He did? That’s crazy!
Yep, also, Christian Bale said that he was kinda jealous since, well, when did The Dark Knight rises appeared on cinemas? And The Man of Steel? They are separated by just months! Of course he wanted to fight with Superman!! But yeah, Man of Steel looks awful if we see The Dark Knight.
Of course he does.
Now, think about this for a second. Batman v Superman. Weren’t they friends?? I mean, this movie looks like another try of DC comics to one-up Marvel.
And have you realize this? Captain America: Civil War+Batman v Superman. Weird. Captain America v IronMan vs Batman v Superman.



Coincidence? I don’t think so!!!!!!!!
And what about Wonder Woman and Aquaman cameo? Don’t you think it’s something forced? DC comics is just putting all its characters in not enough movies, like the first chapter of Gotham. It took out all the suspense.
Yeah, and the screaming of Bruce, it stinks.
Yep. You’re right. It was like a little baby crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
Hahahaha lolololol xD xD xD
You didn’t laugh right?
Before I finish I need to ask you something…
For which movie are you excited more? Suicide Squad? Or Batman v Superman? Or are you just waiting for the upcoming Deadpool movie?
Leave the answer in the comments! Have a nice day!!! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

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