Hi guys, uh. Eh. Sorry. I´m tired. I couldn´t sleep. Well, yeah, but. Ugh. Lemme explain.

So I was downloading songs at 10:40, while I was watching the first episode of “Supergirl”. After it ended, I had to go to sleep. My brother was doing something on his tablet (like talking or whatever), and he was mad with me. Why? I don´t know. Yeh. After that I lied down. And waited. And waited. And waited. Until 11:20 arrived. I can´t sleep. I decide to watch some videos. I watch this one of Rhett and Link with Smosh.

And after that I decided to watch “Molester Moon” from Smosh.

And some other videos until 11:55 arrived. At that hour I was like:

Then I decide to check facebook. Of course non of my friends are online. I read memes, check my profile, until 1:00 arrives. I can hear my family sleeping. I put on my earphones and play some music. I close my eyes, wishing I had music for relax.

It´s 2:25. If I don´t sleep I´m gonna turn crazy. Well, I am actually, but I will turn crazier. Maybe if I check Instagram…no. It doesn´t work. I download a game, and start playing it. The battery dies after 30 minutes. 3:00. I ask my brain to let me sleep and it is like:

But yeah, as usual, I can´t remember how I suddenly fell asleep, but yeah, I did it. And guess what, I woke up at 9:30. DARN IT BRAIN! I guess I most work on Viernes Mexicano now, yeah. Okay. Be right back.


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