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Because yesterday was friday and tomorrow is monday 😛 .
Have a nice sunday everybody! 🙂





Don’t understand what’s that? Don’t worry! Means:
Good afternoon. Today Google is releasing in Google Translate the new language, Aurebesh. If you do not know what this is, is the Star Wars language. This is awesome! Go and tell your friends about it
YES!!! AWESOME!!!! I made that if you didn’t know. What does this means? We now can write like every Star Wars character! Click here. May the force be with you!


Hey hey hey! Have a nice day everybody! As you know, 2016 is close, and so the 1st anniversary of this blog. It’s hard to believe we have reached more than 17000 views in a year! Current ammount of WordPress followers: 84, Email followers: 2, Twitter followers: 19, and Facebook followers 4!!! Also, here is a pic of all the countries that have visited me:

Oh beautiful persons, thanks a lot! And it’s time to tell you some of the new things you will see in 2016!!!
*Talk About-Thursday season 2, including the new “Tell us more about it” post (inspired by Good Mythical Morning and “Good Mythical More), where you’ll be able to read it in a page!
*Viernes Mexicano is getting more mexican facts!
*Talk About-Thursday (again) will be inviting WordPress authors!
*Dracoola is getting a monthly post about his origins!
*More “How to Draw” instrux are coming! Including “How to Draw shoes”
*The secret page will be updated! This means more secrets will be added, have you guessed the password?
*”Inmune” the novel I have been working on will be shown to you guys by chapters! Are you excited to meet Jennifer and Álvaro?
Seems that by the end of this year this blog will reach the 18000 views! Can you help me? Thanks a lot! That’s all guys! Stay awesome!

Mexican National Anthem VM#26

I just feel like a warrior every time I listen the Mexican National Anthem. Learn its story!


Some national anthems have been created because of actions of national unity or war; others have been composed in order to stimulate love and loyalty for the motherland. During the 19th century, it took more than 30 years of public biddings and contests before the Mexican National Anthem became a reality. In 1821, the first composition of the National Anthem was undertaken by José Torrescano, although it was never accepted institutionally or by the Mexican civil society. Eighteen years later, the Academy of San Juan de Letran invited people to submit compositions for a national anthem; 30 versions were received and two selected (one by American Andrew David Bradburn and another by the poet Félix María Escalante). Bradburn’s work was put to music by the Austrian Henry Hertz, but the anthem was not well received; another failed attempt was made by the Cuban poet, Juan MIguel Lozada and the European composer Carlos Boscha. Finally in 1853, Minister Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, on behalf of Antonio López de Santa Anna’s regime, convened a literary-musical contest “to create a really patriotic song that, adopted by the Supreme Government, be named the National Anthem,” as the invitation of 12 November 1853 proclaimed. The qualifying jury declared the most worthy composition was one entitled “Let us fly to combat, to revenge and that one who shies away, submerges in the dust his coward head front.” The author was the poet from San Luis Potosí, maestro Francisco González Bocanegra. Wikipedia relates an amusing story of how González Bocanegra came to write the lyrics:
“Francisco González Bocanegra, a talented poet, was not interested in participating in the competition. He argued that writing love poems involved very different skills from the ones required to write a national anthem. His fiancée, Guadalupe González del Pino (or Pili), had undaunted faith in her fiancé’s poetic skills and was displeased with his constant refusal to participate in spite of her constant prodding and requests from their friends. Finally she decided to take matters into her own hands. Under false pretenses, she lured him to a secluded bedroom in her parents’ house, locked him into the room, and refused to let him out until he produced an entry for the competition. Inside the room in which he was temporarily imprisoned were pictures depicting various events in Mexican history which helped to inspire his work. After four hours of fluent (albeit forced) inspiration, Francisco regained his freedom by slipping all ten verses of his creation under the door. After Francisco received approval from his fiancée and her father, he submitted the poem and won the competition by unanimous vote.” The winning melody was composed by Juan Bottesini, but it was deemed “not aesthetically pleasing,” so there was another public competition for a composition to put music to González Bocanegra’s lyrics. Fifteen musical compositions entered in the competition. One with the epigraph “God and Liberty” was chosen; the initials “J.N.” were found inside the envelope containing the composition. An announcement was published asking the author to identify himself. On 12 August 1854, the MInistry of Foment, Colonization, Industry and Trade announced that the author of the beautiful music was don Jaime Nunó, Catalan music director of military bands, who, after living in Havana, Cuba, was resident in Mexico. Finally, the lyrics and the music came together, and the composition was adopted as the National Anthem and sung for the first time on the night of September 15, 1854, at Santa Anna Theatre, which soon afterwards changed its name to the National Theatre. This first interpretation was made by an Italian opera company that visited Mexico and was directed by maestro Juan Bottesini.

Thanksgiving TAT#13


Hey guys! Welcome to the Talk About-Thursday!!!
You used “The” to make it sound important?
Anyway! Today is thanksgiving! yay…
Okay so, as a mexican guy that lives in Mexico with mexican traditions, I don’t (well, we don’t) celebrate thanksgiving. Yeh…
Shut up man, you are a mexican invention.
Anyway, I know the story of thanksgiving because of my English teacher. I mean, every year they give us a drawing about thanksgiving and we have to color it. Since today I didn’t get that drawing, I’m forgetting the story, so let’s read it. Dracoola, please…

Long ago, in the early 1600s, a group of people in England wanted to pray and worship God in their own way. The King controlled the Church of England, and everyone was ordered to go to the same type of church. Anyone who dared to disobey would be sent to jail. The group of people who wanted to free the Church of England from the King’s rule, making it “pure” were known as the Puritans. To escape the rule of the King and his church, around 100 men, women and children left their homeland, with their dream of religious freedom. They sailed on a ship, the Mayflower—on a pilgrimage to the New World. These brave travelers—the Pilgrims—landed in Plymouth after their long six-week journey. It was December 11, 1620. The cold winter had set in. The land was strange to them, and nothing seemed familiar. The winter was long, cold, and very hard for the Pilgrims. Luckily, Native Americans helped by supplying them with seeds and food, teaching them about their new home, and giving them the skills needed to survive in a strange, new land. The first year in their new home was hard for the Pilgrims. Many died. With seeds and plants received from the Native Americans, the Pilgrims planted crops. The fall harvest was a good one. To celebrate their good fortune, the Pilgrims had a feast of thanksgiving. Many foods were cooked for the feast – wild turkey, duck, and venison were probably served, along with fish, pumpkins, squash, corn, sweet potatoes, and cranberries. Captain Miles Standish, the leader of the Pilgrims invited all of the Native Americans who had helped them so much during their first year. Everyone had a good day of thanksgiving. The feast lasted for three days! This harvest feast in 1621 is often called the “First Thanksgiving.” Over the years, the celebrated day we all know as Thanksgiving became an important tradition in the United States—a day of giving thanks for all that we have. In 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt made Thanksgiving a national holiday. 

There you have it! The thanksgiving story! As I said before, we don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but anyway, happy thanksgiving everybody!

God’s not dead

My God’s not dead. He’s surely alive. He’s living on the inside, roaring like a lion.


I post this because yesterday I had to do an essay of this movie. And it’s just amazing. In case you didn’t know, I’m Catholic, and I wanted to post this 🙂 Have a nice day!


I have been reading lots of posts by girls that are usually motivational, and looks like they got a lot of likes by making them, so I’ll try to make one like those.
This is just for fun, this post has no purpose to make feel bad bloggers, just to make them laugh. Thanks.
Good afternoon everybody! 🙂 Today, I woke up full of happiness!!!! Yay!!!!!! There are lots of problems at my school, including the bulled guy, or the girl that bulls, or the teacher that loves making fun of you, etc. But I watched some videos, and read lots of your comments, and I realize they are not important, what matters is how I am, not how they think I am. Because…
[Insert lots of words, sentences, and emojis here]
Be yourself. 😀

Wow guys. You won’t believe this but, I think a female blogger is better than a male blogger. I mean, maybe because we are like Paul Dirac. Well, men won’t tell you something with details, we just put the key words. Our posts are usually simple, except if it’s something very important. But women (what I’ve seen), they write a lot. They explain a lot. They get help a lot. Oh!! And that’s another thing! While I see motivational comments in those motivational posts, idk what to say XD . I’m like “um, maybe if…no. Perhaps….no. Oh what about…no”. See? Well, maybe it’s just me, but that’s how I feel it happens 😆 . I just stink at this things 😛 . Well, that’s all. It was really hard to think on how to make a post like you girls, but yeah, that’s what makes us different. Lol. Okay, good night everybody! 😀

Beginners Guide to Blogging #3

Domain name and Blog theme


Hey y’all! How are you today? Time for BGTB! Today we’ll talk about the domain name and blog theme!

Domain name

What’s a domain name? It’s an easy name to remember that is related to an IP adress. For example:
After the http:// comes the domain name. When you are creating a website with WordPress, it gives you the chance to choose your domain name. This is very important. The domain name has to be related to what you will post, and to your website’s title. Choose wisely.

Blog theme

Now, the blog theme. OY30 chose a theme that could identify his personality. The blog theme makes your blog look good, attractive to viewers. When you choose your theme, you have to be sure about your decision. Sometimes, bloggers change their themes. It’s totally fine. Because you can make your blog more attractive with a better theme. Also, think on your blog before you choose it. Where do you want the widgets? How many sidebars? Widgets below too? Or a theme where you can swipe your posts? Maybe a static page. Think about it, and when you are done, choose a theme that is similar to what you imagined.

That’s all for today guys! Have a nice day! 😀

Don’t know what Beginners Guide to Blogging is? Click here

Hey hey hey!


How is your saturday going? Mine is going well, my siblings won the 1st place in sports this morning! Yep.
I don’t know what I’m gonna do next today, I was thinking on making a drawing, or a comic, or just watch some videos. Idk, the weather is nice, sun, no clouds. Idk. Well, I’ll find out something. Have a nice day everybody!