Hey y’all! How is life going?
Ugh man
Still freaked out because of your bad jokes of the last issue
Well then. This might work. In today’s issue I’ll tell you about a test a teacher gave us today, so we could know if we are visual, auditory or kinesthetic.
A test? Okay, that’s interesting
The test was very simple. We just had to choose 20 words.
What? Just THAT?
Yeah. I chose-
-are you telling me you just chose 20 words for a test??
Um, yes. Okay. The words I liked more were: portrait, emotion, appearence, comfortable, audience, blush, brightened up (OH MY GOSH LOOMINARTY), focus, panorama, color, speech, feeling, visualize, warm, criterion, clarity, look, shiny, landscape and stage.
Wait, six of them aren’t of the visual kind…
Exactly, because, you’ll see, after that, there were some numbers that corresponded to visual, auditory and kinesthetic. And well, I got 70% of Visual. Yay!
Wow. That’s a lot
And 15% of Auditory and 15% of Kinesthetic.
Wow. Kewl
What are you guys? The sexy Visual? The beautiful Auditory? Or the fabulous Kinesthetic? Leave your answer in the comments! And yeah, that’s all. Have a nice day!
Ehm Dracoola
Shut up.


9 thoughts on “I’M VISUAL!!!! TAT#10

  1. smota882 November 6, 2015 / 9:05 am


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  2. badatgaming130 November 5, 2015 / 8:28 pm

    So basically, you’re sexy? 😉

    *gets a bunch of girls to see oy30 and charges them to look at him* 😛

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