Beginners Guide to Blogging #3

Domain name and Blog theme


Hey y’all! How are you today? Time for BGTB! Today we’ll talk about the domain name and blog theme!

Domain name

What’s a domain name? It’s an easy name to remember that is related to an IP adress. For example:
After the http:// comes the domain name. When you are creating a website with WordPress, it gives you the chance to choose your domain name. This is very important. The domain name has to be related to what you will post, and to your website’s title. Choose wisely.

Blog theme

Now, the blog theme. OY30 chose a theme that could identify his personality. The blog theme makes your blog look good, attractive to viewers. When you choose your theme, you have to be sure about your decision. Sometimes, bloggers change their themes. It’s totally fine. Because you can make your blog more attractive with a better theme. Also, think on your blog before you choose it. Where do you want the widgets? How many sidebars? Widgets below too? Or a theme where you can swipe your posts? Maybe a static page. Think about it, and when you are done, choose a theme that is similar to what you imagined.

That’s all for today guys! Have a nice day! πŸ˜€

Don’t know what Beginners Guide to Blogging is? Click here


3 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Blogging #3

  1. ateenagediaryonline November 26, 2015 / 11:17 am

    Love this ! It is so helpful!

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