Memories of 2015 TAT#18


Hey guys! Today is the last issue of Talk About-Thursday in 2015. And, to celebrate that 2016 is almost here, Dracoola and I will be showing you some memories of this year.
Yep yep! So here they are:

*January, month were baby OY30 came to the (w) world. I showed you how to fold my Kirigami Yoda for the first time. Also, I deleted my Blogger website
*February, month were I won my first contest (thanks Brace xD). I made my first contest too. Pauseen was the winner of it.
*March, month of my Bday!! I learned to fold a Kade Chan Dragon for my Math homework. Also, the TZ Rebellion started 😛 and Pi day
*April!!!  Eduardo Eagle’s month. My twitter arrived, and me and Clomex made a live chat (which was successful). Oh, I got my Star Wars name too: Hearn Belehad
*May. This was the first time I would celebrate May the 4th.  Viernes Mexicano arrived, got nominated to my first award, and posted my Cover Yoda instrux. The return of the T.I. too
*June. Phineas and Ferb left 😦 . Invited to Origami Y’all website, and I started to learn how to draw manga.
*July is HANSOME BABY MONTH GUYS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA okay no. That month was the month with most views (and most nominations)
*August. Showed you how to draw cartoon faces, WordPress made a glitch and told me I had 78 followers. I couldn’t believe it that day xD
*September is MEXICAN!!!! Dracoola was born there…
What. Heck no. You invited me here, way different man
Okay okay. Anyway, Talk About-Thursday started here. Also, I fell in love with Photoshop xD.
*October. The future arrived. Marty and Doc came and we took a selfie with them (okay, maybe not, but we did celebrate)
*November. The only thing I remember is that everyone was getting ready for Star Wars 7 xD
*And December. All the things we have lived. Thanks guys for a great and awesome year. Cant wait to see the amazing things 2016 will bring us.
And 2016…
Out. Happy new year!


2015 in review-OY30’s blog

Guys, it’s the first time I get something like this. I’m sooo excited. Thanks for all the support. You guys rock. 😀 Smile!!!! Have a nice day!

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 19,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 7 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Search terms

Hey guys! 2016 is almost here, and I wanted to share with you the search terms that are registered in my stats. What is a search term? When a person searches something like ‘apple’, he can find many websites that are related to an apple. In this case, those persons searched something related to what they wanted, and found my blog because of that. Here they are:


Looks like my origami Kylo Ren was successful after all!


Kick Buttowisk, the new DisneyXD show. Coming soon 😂😂


Patin Patan is successful too huh?


Okay, both Kylo and Patin Patan were successful. And what’s with the ‘bye my friends’ thing?


I can’t believe they searched jokes for mexican independence…


I’m getting tired of Kylo Ren and Patin Patan now


Well, that’s all. My favorite was “creation”. I mean, there must be lots of websites related to “creation” and they found me!! Just once but I don’t care!!!! 😀 Do you have weird search terms in your stats too?

2015 Blogger Awards!!!

TheAmbivert123, as you know, is hosting the 2015 Blogger Awards. I’m nominating people for it. Remember that you can do it by leaving a comment in her post about it linked to your post!
Blogger of the year:
This was a hard one. But I guess that Thumbup deserves this award!!!
Blog of the year:
LyfWithEm. Of course.
Kindest blogger:
This award is for Blackcat345 for always smiling!
Funniest blogger:
Noah deserves this award because his daily funny strips are AWESOME guys!!!
Best photo taker:
ateenagediaryonline, yep yep
Best adviser:
Okay so, this person might not give advices here, but she does in another platform. Jessenia.
The newbie:
Bellegrayce deserves this one 😀
Prettiest blog:
TheAmbivert123. Just look at that blog!!!
The helper:
Jessenia again 🙂
Most optimistic blogger:
Ella. Have you seen our convos? XD

The Talkzone…BACK?


Okay so, today I got the translated version of Jabba The Puppet book. I was so excited. And I wanted to share it with you guys, but first I checked my email, and saw this email that said that the TalkZone could be…back


I dont know what to think. What do you guys think?

Star Wars VII Movie Review


30 years after Battle of Endor, the Empire has been destroyed and in its place we have The First Order. A new Republic has been established, the Rebel Alliance has been replaced by The Resistence with Leia as its leader. Luke is missing. Poe Dameron, the best pilot from the Resistance, hides the map of Luke’s ubication in BB-8. Finn, a confused stormtrooper annoyed because of The First Order, wants to escape. Rey, a girl who is surviving in Jakku, finds BB-8. And Kylo Ren, the bad guy, a man who is ready to finish what Darth Vader (his grandfather) started, and to reestablish the order in the galaxy.

A balanced movie if we talk about CGI. The story is well carried, and there aren’t lazy scenes. Funny moments, and amazing moments that leave you wanting more. This movie deserves 5 stars though is like A New Hope. Favorite scene? Kylo Ren vs Finn and Rey, and Daniel Craig scene. Yep, Agent 007 appeared there. When? Well, remember the scene where Rey feels like Obi-Wan? The Jedi Trick scene with the stormtrooper. Well, Daniel Craig is the Stormtrooper. Crazy!!!!!! So, watch the movie guys! Because J.J. Abrams is the chosen one and he made an excellent job! 😀 Have a nice day!

Pastorelas VM#30

Wanna know the origins of the well-known pastorelas?


In Mexico, Christmas is the best season of the year. With the fiesta-loving, lively nature that sets us apart, we mexicans have styled this religious celebration very much in our own fashion. So much so that perhaps no where else in the world do so many traditions exist to celebrate it, from asking for room at the inn, to remembering the road Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem,  to piñatas, those big star-shaped clay and cardboard figures that are smashed with heavy sticks to release their sweets and seasonal fruits  as gifts to the children… And the “pastorelas”!  There is no Christmas  Season without these pastoral  dramas of the Nativity. Whether in remote  towns or in the big Mexican cities, pastorelas set the stage for the whole of December and leave us, through their playful language and funny situations, the most important message of the season: Good always overcomes Evil. Pastorelas are plays that recreate the biblical passage where the shepherds follow the Star of Bethlehem to find the Christ Child. In order to reach the birth place of the Redeemer, they have to experience a series of changes in fortune and confront the Devil, who will do everything possible to prevent them from completing their mission. It is at that moment that the Archangel Michael intervenes to defend the shepherds  on their journey. Well, that’s the general idea of the pastorelas. They are very different today; the fact is, they  were already very different  when  they were first presented hundreds of years ago, being one of  Mexico’s oldest traditions. Imagine that you are back when the Spaniards reached the New World and began to colonize its inhabitants, instructing them in the Catholic fait In Tenochtitlan, the great capital of the ancient Mexicans or Mexica, people entertained themselves with an art form that combined song, theater and dance. Performances were greatly enjoyed in the plazas and open spaces, where the actors tended to make jokes,  pretending they were drunk, sang and gave recitations for the townspeople, who thundered their applause. For the Mexica,  the play was not just a form of entertainment, but a way to communicate with their gods, as well. Before the altars,  in the smoke of the aromatic copal, the priests acted out battles, played warriors at victory and in their defeat. This is how they informed the deities  who ruled their days, simultaneously handing down their history to the entire people. The play was  so important for the Mexica that they had professional singers, actors, dancers and buffoons; poets and orators, as well as memorization experts: remember that the Mexica had no alphabet, just a picture-based type of writing that represented objects or sounds. There were also people  who produced the ceremonial vestments, jewels, plumed feathers of exotic birds, and fabrics, something quite similar to what we would call today,  an innovative clothing designer. When the Spanish conquered Tenochtitlan in 1521, these specialists ended up with no work and no stage. This situation actually lasted for a very short time, however, because the Franciscan monks who arrived in the New World between 1523 and 1524 quickly became aware of the Mexicas´  artistic sensitivity and took advantage of it to lay a bridge between two cultures that had nothing in common. Already in Italy and Spain, the Franciscans had observed the advantages they reaped by teaching the faith this way.  Only a couple of centuries before,  the Iberian Peninsula had seen the initial representation of “autos” , that is, acts or actions inspired by the most important biblical passages or by the lives of saints. And they were quite successful. As a result, it was completely natural for the Franciscans, in order to evangelize the indigenous peoples en masse,  to  explain the most important passages of Christ’s life graphically, through a play for example. The pastorela tradition is said to have begun in a little town called Acolman, a short distance from the Teotihuacan pyramids, where the Franciscans arrived in 1528. Other versions say that Cuernavaca, i  n the State of Morelos, was the birth place of this deep-rooted tradition.  Whether Acolman, or  Morelos, the fact is that the force behind them lay in the Franciscans, and the artistic ability in the indigenous people. Another truism is that Acolman is the origin of another beautiful Mexican custom. It was here that Fray Pedro de Gante gathered a group of natives  for the singing of hymns in celebration of Christmas, an event that would later turn into  “asking for room at the inn”. With activities like this, the Franciscans earned the trust of the Acolman inhabitants and  introduced them to religious activities. In the beginning, they accepted the indigenous people´s belief that  the theatrical  presentations of biblical scenes had  a certain “power of purification”,  and consequently , flowers and songs were included “to keep evil spirits away”. Within a very short time, the indigenous people took over the entire production of the pastorelas . They were the actors and musicians; they produced the sets and made the costumes… They are even thought to have translated or written the texts to/in Nahuatl, the language of the Mexica, something fundamental to the evangelizing mission of the stagings.

The indigenous people were much taken by the story…