Beginners Guide to Blogging #4

What to blog about


Hey hey hey! How are you today? The topic of this week is “what to blog about”.
Blog about me 🙄
Heh. Well, as I was saying-
-what did you mean by that
…today I’ll tell you some facts you can consider before choosing what topic you’ll post about.
Seriously, what did you mean by that
Your blog, as I’ve said in the past issues, is like your ‘home’. So if you are buying a house, you’d like it decorated with the things you like. What does this mean? If you like taking pictures, you might want to create a “photography” blog; if you like making drawings, you can make a blog about that; if you like writing stories, you can post them in a “story” blog. But always chosing the best theme for each topic, like, if you are gonna make a “photography” blog, you’d like to choose a theme where you can swipe your posts

For more info about how to choose the right theme, click here.

But you don’t have to choose an specific topic. Like my fellow bloggers, Talia, Thumbup or Eve, they post random stuff. Like me 😛 . However, the decision is yours. Whatever works better for you, choose it. Have a nice day! 🙂

Don’t know what Beginners Guide to Blogging is? Click here


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