Memories of 2015 TAT#18


Hey guys! Today is the last issue of Talk About-Thursday in 2015. And, to celebrate that 2016 is almost here, Dracoola and I will be showing you some memories of this year.
Yep yep! So here they are:

*January, month were baby OY30 came to the (w) world. I showed you how to fold my Kirigami Yoda for the first time. Also, I deleted my Blogger website
*February, month were I won my first contest (thanks Brace xD). I made my first contest too. Pauseen was the winner of it.
*March, month of my Bday!! I learned to fold a Kade Chan Dragon for my Math homework. Also, the TZ Rebellion started πŸ˜› and Pi day
*April!!!Β  Eduardo Eagle’s month. My twitter arrived, and me and Clomex made a live chat (which was successful). Oh, I got my Star Wars name too: Hearn Belehad
*May. This was the first time I would celebrate May the 4th.Β  Viernes Mexicano arrived, got nominated to my first award, and posted my Cover Yoda instrux. The return of the T.I. too
*June. Phineas and Ferb left 😦 . Invited to Origami Y’all website, and I started to learn how to draw manga.
*July is HANSOME BABY MONTH GUYS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA okay no. That month was the month with most views (and most nominations)
*August. Showed you how to draw cartoon faces, WordPress made a glitch and told me I had 78 followers. I couldn’t believe it that day xD
*September is MEXICAN!!!! Dracoola was born there…
What. Heck no. You invited me here, way different man
Okay okay. Anyway, Talk About-Thursday started here. Also, I fell in love with Photoshop xD.
*October. The future arrived. Marty and Doc came and we took a selfie with them (okay, maybe not, but we did celebrate)
*November. The only thing I remember is that everyone was getting ready for Star Wars 7 xD
*And December. All the things we have lived. Thanks guys for a great and awesome year. Cant wait to see the amazing things 2016 will bring us.
And 2016…
Out. Happy new year!


5 thoughts on “Memories of 2015 TAT#18

    • oy30 December 31, 2015 / 6:56 pm

      Happy new year Lou! πŸ˜€


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