Best thing ever…


Waking up and realizing that there are many hours left.


What am I gonna do this February 12?

Ahh, February 12. Day in school for celebration. Valentine’s day. What am I gonna do that day?
Probably I’ll be hanging out with my best friends, then just hang out with my best friend because my other best friends will be together celebrating their love, then maybe some girls will take my best friend and leave me alone, then I’ll be walking alone watching all the students hanging with their boyfriends/girlfriends, giving each other chocolates, flowers, lovely letters, then probably my two best friends will come again and talk with me for about 5 mins until I get enough of their kisses, then we will have our secret valentine who will probably give me a little chocolate just like all the years, then by the end of the day I will be posting Viernes Mexicano and another post telling you how that day was horrible for me. 🙂

Magazine project

Hey guys! As you have probably noticed, I haven´t been on too much here. But first, lemme explain why.

Since August 2015, our teacher told us that for a Spanish project we had to make a magazine, and the first semester was all about how to write articles, and that stuff. We made our group since then. And we actually wrote all our articles for the magazine last year. But, it was when we got back to school this month that the hard work began. Our teacher gave us examples of magazines her students made the last year, so we could have an idea on what to do and what not to do.

Then, since I didn´t want the magazine to look like a Word Document, I asked my group to come and work for an hour in Corel Draw and Office Publisher, so it could look better.

It was awesome, but, this week was extremly hard for me. I wanted to be the designer of the magazine because, I like designing. So, they gave me all the articles so I could start working on the magazine. Me and the leader of the group designed the cover, and I can say it was pretty good. But I made what was left. Designs of pages, cover, articles, main article, pictures, etc. Last wednesday I was exhausted. It was worthy though. I can say the magazine looks fantastic. I gave my USB drive to the leader so he could print it in a special material.

So yeah, next tuesday he will give our teacher the final product, and we hope it´s the best of the classroom, because the winners won´t make the exam of this bimester, plus, the best articles will appear in the website of the school, which is awesome. Yet, some classmates (if I can say, the most clever ones of the classroom) gave their magazine yesterday, and my classroom was like “woah” “awesome” “very good”, and my group was starting to feel bad, but when they saw our magazine, they were so happy, that they made my day. 4 days working on it were worthy. Wish me success guys! I really want our magazine to win! I can´t share it with you because it´s about our school but I´ll let you know how was it.

Thanks for sticking up with me though I wasn´t on. You are awesome guys. Have a nice day/night! 🙂

Being sick TAT#22


Hey hey hey! Welcome to the final issue of Talk About-Thursday Season 1! We will be back in February 18 with more things to talk about! Today, we’ll talk about being sick.
We all know that is in winter when we usually get a cold. And that sucks. Most elementary school students may tell you that is great not going to school, but when you are in middle school, gosh. It’s horrible. All the works you gotta make, and if you are in one of those schools where you actually have to bring some documents to prove you were sick for real.
What are the pros when you are sick? Maybe eating soup, and that you can watch movies/TV shows/youtube videos. But come on, don’t you hate having the nose full of snot? Like, ugh, I hate it. Plus, you gotta clean it again, and again, and again, and again, and again…
Why do we get sick? I think you know the answer
Because of that, dumb kid, who is in our school and doesn’t know how to cover his mouth using hands. HANDS. We all know that little kid that appears randomly while we are using our phone, and starts breathing heavily, while coughing, and touching the screen while saying “oh you know how to use it? I do know, I like it, like Minecraft” A week later and WOW SUPRISE YOU ARE SICK!!!!! I WONDER HOW!!!
Something that surprises me, is that there are persons that don’r get sick easily!! Maybe they are inmune to an illness too!!! Like, how the heck are they inmune??? It can be freezing out there, and they are just like if we were in vacation!!!
Another thing of being sick. Remember when you were younger? That day when it was cold and your mom told you to go out with your coat, and you ignored her, and took selfies like this one:


And then at the next day you were like this:


But “no mom! I don’t need the coat! It’s not too cold outside! I won’t get sick!”
How to be safe? How to avoid being sick! Easy! Just follow the next steps:
1: You can’t

And done!!!!


That’s all for today’s Talk About Thursday guys!!! I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for leaving your thoughts below and for keeping cool. Stay awesome peeps.

Mythical beast in my classroom!!!–maybe?

So I had a Math test, pretty easy tbh, and I asked my teacher to let me draw. I started drawing GMM logo and a classmate came by me.
-What are you drawing, Tony
*I show him the drawing*
-Oh!!! Cool!!! Buenos Y Míticos Días right?
In case you did not know, Buenos Y Míticos Días is the spanish version of Good Mythical Morning, not so good but it’s something
-Wait, you know them??- I asked
-Yeah!! I’m subscribed to them actually
-What??? Really??
-Yeah, which is your favorite episode?
-Um, I dunno, there are many videos …
-Mine is when they try frying stuff
-Oh like beans right?
-Yeah! *laughs* or when they try to hold their breath
-Ohh! Yeah
-They don’t upload more tho
-They do!! But in their original version, Good Mythical Morning
-Oh really?
-Yep, they are in their season 9!!
-Oh cool! I should subscribe…
-They made a video with SMOSH actually
-Woah!! Awesome!!! Okay, thanks man!

So maybe he is a Mythical Beast guys!!! Or a “criatura mítica”, still, it’s awesome! That is all guys!! Have a nice day! 🙂

Chile and YouTube

Recently I have been searching many YouTube channels, and realized how many successful channels from YouTube are in Chile. But how is that possible? Today I’ll talk about two awesome persons that are from Chile.



First we have the 2nd most subscribed channel in YouTube, by Germán Garmendia, from Chile. HolaSoyGerman is a weekly video where Germán usually talks about random stuff, he was my inspiration for Talk About-Thursday actually. Germán has made videos about teachers, earthquakes, lies, and more.

Germán has also another channel, called “JuegaGerman”, it’s a gamer channel, and the way he records his videos there is like PewDiePie.

Patrick Maulen


Patrick is another clever guy. Patrick Maulen (original last name neulam) is the actual dubber of SMOSH. Patrick first started as the dubber of “The Annoying Orange”, but stopped translating its videos because of something personal.


Then, he began to dub SMOSH videos in 2010 and to upload them in his channel. But then he stopped…because he created the “ElSmosh” channel. ElSmosh is also the official channel in Spanish of SMOSH, and Anthony and Ian have proved it.


Remember that there are also more famous vloggers in YouTube that are from Chile!! Awesome don’t you think?