Chile and YouTube

Recently I have been searching many YouTube channels, and realized how many successful channels from YouTube are in Chile. But how is that possible? Today I’ll talk about two awesome persons that are from Chile.



First we have the 2nd most subscribed channel in YouTube, by Germán Garmendia, from Chile. HolaSoyGerman is a weekly video where Germán usually talks about random stuff, he was my inspiration for Talk About-Thursday actually. Germán has made videos about teachers, earthquakes, lies, and more.

Germán has also another channel, called “JuegaGerman”, it’s a gamer channel, and the way he records his videos there is like PewDiePie.

Patrick Maulen


Patrick is another clever guy. Patrick Maulen (original last name neulam) is the actual dubber of SMOSH. Patrick first started as the dubber of “The Annoying Orange”, but stopped translating its videos because of something personal.


Then, he began to dub SMOSH videos in 2010 and to upload them in his channel. But then he stopped…because he created the “ElSmosh” channel. ElSmosh is also the official channel in Spanish of SMOSH, and Anthony and Ian have proved it.


Remember that there are also more famous vloggers in YouTube that are from Chile!! Awesome don’t you think?


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