Magazine project

Hey guys! As you have probably noticed, I haven´t been on too much here. But first, lemme explain why.

Since August 2015, our teacher told us that for a Spanish project we had to make a magazine, and the first semester was all about how to write articles, and that stuff. We made our group since then. And we actually wrote all our articles for the magazine last year. But, it was when we got back to school this month that the hard work began. Our teacher gave us examples of magazines her students made the last year, so we could have an idea on what to do and what not to do.

Then, since I didn´t want the magazine to look like a Word Document, I asked my group to come and work for an hour in Corel Draw and Office Publisher, so it could look better.

It was awesome, but, this week was extremly hard for me. I wanted to be the designer of the magazine because, I like designing. So, they gave me all the articles so I could start working on the magazine. Me and the leader of the group designed the cover, and I can say it was pretty good. But I made what was left. Designs of pages, cover, articles, main article, pictures, etc. Last wednesday I was exhausted. It was worthy though. I can say the magazine looks fantastic. I gave my USB drive to the leader so he could print it in a special material.

So yeah, next tuesday he will give our teacher the final product, and we hope it´s the best of the classroom, because the winners won´t make the exam of this bimester, plus, the best articles will appear in the website of the school, which is awesome. Yet, some classmates (if I can say, the most clever ones of the classroom) gave their magazine yesterday, and my classroom was like “woah” “awesome” “very good”, and my group was starting to feel bad, but when they saw our magazine, they were so happy, that they made my day. 4 days working on it were worthy. Wish me success guys! I really want our magazine to win! I can´t share it with you because it´s about our school but I´ll let you know how was it.

Thanks for sticking up with me though I wasn´t on. You are awesome guys. Have a nice day/night! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Magazine project

  1. badatgaming130 January 29, 2016 / 8:58 pm

    You’re always welcome.

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