Some drawings I made in my childhood


Hey hey hey! Yesterday I was cleaning my bedroom and found some old drawings I made a few years ago. Some of them are here for you. First, we have the drawing of my friends and me, playing. The guy in the middle isn´t my friend anymore because his brother hates me though.


Then we have this one. I can remember drawing it. I got my advanced brown belt in Karate. I was so happy because the next one was the black belt, and I just had to wait one year buuuuuuuuut… we moved. So I had to start from the beginning again.


I don´t even know what in the world I was thinking when I made this one. Like, just look at my face! How psycho is that??? It was meant to tell others I was about to comb my hair, but it doesn´t seem like it to be honest. Next!


I used to make drawings of me with “OH GOSH” poses. Surprised ones. I guess this one was a bit rushed but I don´t know at this point. Gosh look at that! My chest! What happened to it? And my hands! Messed up in the right one xD . And in the left eyebrow too, and I have a big n0se. Next!


At first, I was scared because, well, just look at that picture. It´s a guy, with his big fist, in front of a guy who is crying. What would you think if you drew this and found it many years later? Like “what the heck do I had on my mind”. I don´t remember and I´m pretty sure I never threatened someone. That´s when I realized the guy on the top. Then it was more “friendly”. I think that´s me, there, going to stop that bully. I guess. I hope. If not, I must go to the doctor.

Welp that´s all peeps! Thanks for leaving your thoughts below? Which of them is your favorite one?

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What will happen to Viernes Mexicano?

Well, after pondering for two weeks about the future of my weekly post Viernes Mexicano, I have decided on turning it into a monthly post. This means that I´ll have more time for it, and so, spend my last ideas per month, as DV told me. One day it will end, yep, but not anytime soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this decision! 😀 Bye bye peeps!

P.S. Changed my profile pic! Hope you guys like it!

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Every Saturday Morning Ever-OY30’s life

How is a saturday morning in my life?
1: Waking up at 7:00
2: Wishing it’s 10:00 so I get late to my morning class
3: Checking clock and going back to bed, hoping I get to sleep 3 hours more
4: Waking up again, and noticing it’s just 7:30
5: Starting to pretend I’m sleepy even though I’m not
6: Waiting until my mom starts asking us to get ready
7: Putting on my clothes
8: Having a quick breakfast
9: Surprise! We are late!
10: Starting to hurry up so I don’t get late
11: Getting to Karate early, regretting what I did

How’s a saturday morning in your life peeps?

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Dracoola the bully TMM#2

Brace yourselves
It is going to be THAT awesome then
Okay, I guess
Get ready
It will be amazing
Well welcome to Tell Me More guys–
Better start crying
–where Dracoola will be making a better rap than the one I made!

Okay let’s do this, Dracoola!

Dracoola’s rap:

Here we go again
Prepare to meet your end
I saw your profile in Facebook
You have zero friends
You are a loser
You haven’t kissed a girl
You write them love letters
I give them ice and pearls
Eyyyyyyyyy wait a sec, that hurts man…
Ha, you are a baby liar man
Telling all the world that you are a millionaire
I don’t tell that..
You are dummy, you are bad
Prepare to be on your bed lonely
Your person is a façade
The only persons that you know
Are in the pages of the catalogue
Okay man stop it!
That hurts man…

Okay. Thanks for nothing. Dumb vampire.
You don’t want me to start again, do you?

Thanks for liking and leaving your thoughts below in the comments. Tell us who do you think won the competition, and, that’s all. Bye bye peeps *sniffs*.

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Worst Rap Ever TAT#24

Because money is money and money much money, money

Hey hey hey! How are you today guys? Today, as you have probably guessed by the title, I am going to try to rap!!! Haha yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Idk how to do this…
Well, you just gotta make it rhyme, like, it’s easy
Idk man, idk how to rhyme.
What???? Is basic english dude!!!!!
Yeah but, I do know how to rhyme, but in spanish…
Ohh, right
Well you should change the title of this post if you don’t know how
I can’t dude, I made the picture already
Oh, well then, good luck!
Hmm, dammit. Okay guys, this is for you. Um, idk. Wish me luck?

OY30’s rap

Here’s a rap for when:
You are being bullied

You know what?
You dumb person who bulls?
You are dumb
Stop being dumb
Because you are dumb
Biggest dumb
Like dumb the dumb
You are so dumb
You dont know you are dumb
But you are
Dumb dumb dumb


Hehe. Nailed it 😎.

Dammit man. You do suck at this.

Well, that’s all for today’s TAT!!!!!! That was the worst rap ever don’t you think? (Why are others awesome at this…..) Check out Tell Me More where Dracoola will try to beat my rap!!!!
So yeah, don’t miss it peeps!!! 😀
Brace yourselves

The Mythical Award!


What’s going on guys? How are you today? I hope good! I came out with these idea thanks to xclaudiasthoughtsx, an awesome blogger who created an award called “The Miranda Sings Award”. Some of you have been nominated to it. So, after asking Claudia herself if a month ago about if I could create a similar award, and after she said yes, I’ve decided to do it. Go and follow Claudia if you don’t because she is awesome!!

Basically I wanted to do this award with friendship as its topic. If you watch Good Mythical Morning, you know that Rhett and Link have been friends since 1st grade. How awesome is that????? Keeping a friendship for many years!!! That’s amazing! So what a better friendship than this one for the award? That’s why I called it “The Mythical Award”.

I hope you enjoy doing this 🙂

The rules:
1: Put the award picture in your post.
2: Link the person who nominated you for this award.
3: Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
4: Nominate other 10 bloggers.
5: Write questions for them to answer.

Since I’m the one who is starting this, I thought I should answer my own questions, which will be the questions for my nominees.

How old is the friendship you and your oldest friend have?
I guess you could say 11 years. Yep.

What are some crazy things you and one of your friends have been punished for?
Oh well, we saw a nose-picker teacher. Like, literally, he was taking the snot off right in front of us!!!! We laughed so hard that the principal punished us. The Principal. Heh…….. (dumb teacher).

What is a project you and one (or more) of your friends have had?
Last year we were planning on making a comic book. It didn’t succeeded. Currently other friends are starting a channel in YouTube and I’m their designer/producer, hoping this one can succeed.

What is an inside joke you and your friends have?
It’s your turn 😂😂😂😂. Sorry, we are bad at jokes.

How did you know your best friend?
Well, we used to hate each other. But then he asked me for a crayon, and he fell. And I laughed so hard, and he laughed so hard, we became best friends. We haven’t talked in months since I moved though…

Something you would like to tell your best friend?
I wish we could talk more, by Whatsapp, or kik, or skype, or email, SOMETHING!!!!!

I nominate:

Jess because she’s such a Mythical Beast.
Claudia since she was the one who gave me the idea.

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