Movies that left me pondering-Premonition


Have you ever watched a movie, that left you pondering for days after you watched it? Well, if you are like me, the answer is yes. I’ll be sharing with you every wednesday a movie that left me pondering. This week I will talk about Premonition.

The word premonition means: a feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over a future event, a presentiment.

This movie is about a woman called Linda Hanson who one day gets a call that telles her about
his husband’s death, though, at the next day, his husband is still alive. She wonders if it was just a nightmare. But at the next day, is the second day of her life as a widow. Some days her husband is still alive and in others he is death. For some weird reason, the days aren’t in their correct order. Linda will try to fight against time and keep alive everything she built with her husband.

When I watched that movie, I was caught in the suspense. The movie has a sad ending, which I won’t say here because of spoilers (in case some of you want to watch it). But the thing is, for a week I was wondering if everything was in order, or if it was a dream, so I had to ask everyday my grandpa what day was. Still, sometimes I have the same feeling xD .

Have you watched that movie before? If yes, what are your thoughts about it?

Have a nice day!–or did you have it?


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