The Legend of our Lord of the Poison part 1 VM#35


The Mexican historian Artemio Del Valle Arizpe collected in his book, ‘Traditions and Legends of the Streets of Mexico’, the story of two neighbors in New Spain: Don Fermin Andueza and Don Ismael Treviño, who were involved in an event that many consider  a miracle and others a legend.

Don Fermin was a gentleman whose wealth could well have saved him the trouble of getting up early every day. However, his devotion got him up every morning before sunrise. Discreetly garbed in his black cloak, he left his home and headed to mass. At the end of the mass he headed back home again, but not before stopping at a figure of Christ of great stature bearing a sorrowful expression.

Every day, Don Fermin deposited a gold coin in the offering plate at the foot of the image, who’s bloodied feet he humbly kissed. Don Fermin never missed his morning appointment. The neighbors said that this was one of many examples of the nobility that ruled the gentleman’s soul. It was said that help came generously from his wealth to aid the poor that sought him out.
Don Ismael Trevino was equally rich, but his soul was dark and envious. The good of others weighed heavily upon him, especially that of Don Fermin Azueta, of whom he felt deeply jealous. He took every opportunity to speak ill of him and bitterly cringed when anyone said something in praise of the noble lord.

This envy, of unknown cause, moved Don Ismael to interfere in all of Don Fermin’s business dealings.  But everything would backfire on him: Don Fermin overcame every obstacle and was a successful businessman.

Hatred for the man entered into the heart of Don Ismael and the day came when he longed to see him dead. Subjugated to this evil feeling, he began planning how he could murder his enemy without arousing suspicion. 

After much thought, he concluded that the best way to get rid of Don Fermin was to poison him. He found a man who had the perfect poison: a blue-colored liquid that did not kill immediately, but rather, after ingested it would spread throughout the body and after a few days caused the desired effect. It was painless and didn’t leave any trace.  

Don Ismael laced a delicious cake with the deadly liquid and sent it to Don Fermin in the name of a good  friend, the Town Hall alderman.  Don Fermin was very pleased, and far from imagining the danger he was in, he immediately enjoyed a piece of cake with his steaming cup of chocolate…

One thought on “The Legend of our Lord of the Poison part 1 VM#35

  1. Thumbup February 6, 2016 / 11:46 pm

    There better be part 2 coming soon or I’ll serve you a cake.

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