Movies that left me pondering-Knowing


Okay. First I must say that I watched this movie in a trip. Weird huh? Seems like the guy who was driving the bus loved Nicolas Cage because he had many movies of him, one of them was Knowing.

The argument is basically this:
*1959, teacher asks students to write how they imagine the future in 50 years
*A girl called Lucinda writes numbers
*They kept the papers in a box
*Lucinda is found in a closet writing with her nails numbers
*50 years later a boy called Caleb gets Lucinda’s sheet
*John, his father, notices the secuence of the numbers: predictions about deaths. Some already happen, some are left
*Caleb hears whisperd
*John discovers that many catastrophic events and the amount of victims of each event is the exact number of each secuence
*Later, he realizes that some numbers mean coordinates of places
*Mystery? There’s a secuence he hasn’t solved yet
*Abby, Lucinda’s granddaughter who is as old as Caleb hears whispers too. John and Caleb convince her mom, Diana, about what is happening
*The group notices that the last secuence is a solar disaster=END OF THE WORLD
*John proves that it is true. In a few hours no-one will be alive after the temperature reaches 400 grades
*They realize that the last numbers of the last secuence are the coordinates of the place Lucinda died
*In the Journey Diana dies and the kids are kidnapped
*The guys who kidnapped them reveal that they are the chosen ones along with other kids to be rescued before the end of the world
*John must leave his kid since he didn’t hear the whispers, which were the signal of the chosen ones
*They leave in a spaceship along with others from different places of the world
*John goes with his family and makes the typical dramatic quote “this is not the end”
*End of the world
*The kids are left in a planet that looks similar to the Earth, and they run to a tree

In the name of the knife, what the heck did the author drink??? Like a very special drug or so because this is really crazy. That movie left me pondering for days and I couldn’t sleep thinking that some of those guys would appear and kidnap me even tho they would “save” me.
Also, I was terrified at sleeping. Waiting for the whispers, or the guys.

Have you watched Knowing? If so, what are your thoughts about it?


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