Movies that left me pondering-Eagle Eye


What would you do if suddenly your phone started giving you indications that you had to obey, or you’d die?

Eagle Eye is a movie about basically a big computer that has taken the world. Kind of loominarty, don’t you think? Shia LaBeouf is Jerry Shaw, who after going to his brother’s funeral, gets a misterious call of a misterious woman dun dun dun.
Michelle Monaghan is Rachel, who after saying goodbye to her son, gets a misterious call of the same misterious woman dun dun dun.

They are part of a conspiration, planned by ARIIA, a program designed by The Pentagon to keep safe the United States. But after ARIIA gets its own intelligence, it will make a plan including the death of everyone in the government of the USA, since they are “the bad ones”. Together, Rachel and Jerry will try to follow what ARIIA tells them to do, while discovering the real purpose of why they are part of the conspiration.

Awesome movie, by the way. After watching it, you’ll want to turn off your phones 😂😂😂 (just like I did hehehe). The movie has a great message, and technically, it shows the reality of what the government can do with your phone. After all:

The government is probably spying on you with it anyway.
~Rhett and Link

I give five stars to it. The suspense is amazing, and it doesn’t let you get distracted by your phone.

Photo courtesy of @gmmcaps

Welp, that’s all for today’s issue. Have you watched Eagle Eye? What are your thoughts on it? Bye bye peeps!

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