Worst Rap Ever TAT#24

Because money is money and money much money, money

Hey hey hey! How are you today guys? Today, as you have probably guessed by the title, I am going to try to rap!!! Haha yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Idk how to do this…
Well, you just gotta make it rhyme, like, it’s easy
Idk man, idk how to rhyme.
What???? Is basic english dude!!!!!
Yeah but, I do know how to rhyme, but in spanish…
Ohh, right
Well you should change the title of this post if you don’t know how
I can’t dude, I made the picture already
Oh, well then, good luck!
Hmm, dammit. Okay guys, this is for you. Um, idk. Wish me luck?

OY30’s rap

Here’s a rap for when:
You are being bullied

You know what?
You dumb person who bulls?
You are dumb
Stop being dumb
Because you are dumb
Biggest dumb
Like dumb the dumb
You are so dumb
You dont know you are dumb
But you are
Dumb dumb dumb


Hehe. Nailed it 😎.

Dammit man. You do suck at this.

Well, that’s all for today’s TAT!!!!!! That was the worst rap ever don’t you think? (Why are others awesome at this…..) Check out Tell Me More where Dracoola will try to beat my rap!!!!
So yeah, don’t miss it peeps!!! 😀
Brace yourselves


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