Sherlock Wallpapers

I’ve been making a lot of wallpapers for my phone recently…



Have a nice day guys! 🙂

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Today no Talk About-Thursday

The freaking phone did something with the freaking app which suddenly freaking turned off and freaking refreshed the entries and deleted the freaking draft. Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh.


Anyway, here’s the picture of what was going to be the TAT of today:


Bye guys. Hope you understand.

….freaking WordPress app =_=

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Movies that left me pondering-Tomorrowland


Okay, this isn’t about the Tomorrowland music event.

This movie is for dreamers. The dream of a better place, built by the people who change the world everyday. The message of this movie is pretty fascinating. As the poster says “imagine a place where nothing is impossible”.

What would you do there? Which ideas would you give to change the world? Always think on ideas, because if you don’t, you’ll work for the ideas of another.

Watch it if you are a dreamer… Or a big fan of George Clooney, both work.

You still got the message right?

No excuse, I won’t delete this one

Has anyone ever felt like inside of you there are many motivational phrases for your friends and the ones who you love but for something you just can’t find the way to tell them? To find the right words?
Well I do, and for me the only way is posting ‘has anyone ever felt’ so I feel sure that more people pass through this.

There are so many persons with problems, personal ones, familiar ones, maybe someone is fighting against an illness, or against society, or against himself or herself, and they just want an easy way to live. And then you have me, someone who posts stuff that possibly isn’t even funny. Heh.

Also, I feel like writing is easier than talking. Leaving an advice typing it is easier. Of course it is easier (though, I’m not good at them, lol). You don’t have to face the person and tell them what you think. But then, how does that work? Why do I do this? I’m always wishing for the right answer to everyone’s problems, but that’s not how life works. And that depresses me. Looking at everyone. There.

Life would be easier if you didn’t have to worry about it, but if so, that wouldn’t be life, don’t you think?

It’s at this moment when after writing this kind of post, I decide to delete it instead of posting it, but this time I’m going to post it for real. No regrets. No excuse. For you to read what another person feels.

And maybe I can find an answer for everything. I don’t know. See ya later guys.

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My First Post Tag

I’m back guys!!!! I’m not dead!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

Ye. Anyway!!!!!!! Thanks to Infinitmagic for nominating me to this tag! Go and, follow her! Yep! Why not?


1: Take a screenshot or quote it onto your blog post (You can go to your archives, your first month you blogged and go from there, to your first ever post)
2: Share why you wanted to start a blog in the first place
3: Tag 10 other people
4: Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to there blog
5: Have fun!

Um, hehe, I’m the kind of person who feels awkward when reading old posts, but this one doesn’t look bad. Well, actually, it is bad for a first post. Like, just look at it:


Gosh so motivational don’t you think? I mispelled it’s. Yep. Look at that. Four lines. Awesome. Just awesome.

Ima tag…
Idk, my brother? Yeah, brother. Do it Clomex.
And Anthony.
And idk who else. Anyone who wants to do this? To remember their first post? Maybe? Yeah? Sounds cool? Okay then.

I’ll be back for a better post, I hope. (What is happening to me?)
However, I’m happy to talk with you guys again!

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Men taking selfies TMM#6

Does anyone know how to make a good Tell Me More intro? Like, starting like a continuation doesn’t look good. If you have an idea and you can share it to me, I’ll be fully pleased, because, for real, this is awkward.
Wait, this is awkward!!! Haha!!!! Mark that as Moment 6!!!!!!! Next moment!

Moment 7
Location: Karate classroom
When?: Ceremony of grades
Well that day I was supposed to present all the movements I know of Karate and do all the katas of every grade, so I could get to advanced brown belt.
Awkward moment because I forgot how to make a movement. And I was there, standing up, thinking on what movement was next. There. For five minutes that lasted like five hours. Gosh. The sensei had to come and show me the next movement. Gosh….. ._. Senpai please help me!!!!!!

Moment 8
Location: School
When?: Ceremony of 4th grade
That day I got an aknowledgement about something, something I wanted to keep secret, but NO!!!! HAHA!!!!! I GOT IT IN FRONT OF 160 PERSONS!!!!!! I WAS SO LUCKY 😄😄😄😄😄.

Moment 9
Location: House
When?: Every time I want to take a selfie
I can’t. I just can’t. I look weird. And it is weird because I’m not used to take selfies or to appear in photos. Also, that’s not what a man does


Moment 10
Location: House
When?: When parents read my blog
No need for explanation

Well that’s all guys!!!!!
I’m in need of a good outro too… at least for Tell Me More. Meanwhile, here is my usual outro:

The sky is the start line.

Awkward Experiences TAT#28

I once appeared in TV, and all my schoolmates watched me
Oh gosh

img_20160321_192554 copia.jpg

Hey hey hey guys!!! How are you today?
Have you ever passed through a truly, awkward, moment, in your life? When you just want to disappear? When you are literally asking to the earth to swallow you?
Well, I have! And today I will be telling you some of my awkward experiences in my life!

Moment 1
Location: Neighbourhood
When?: Party
I’ve told this experience a lot, but it is still awkward. We were in a party, and I was looking for my brother because I was mad at him. Then, I saw him, with his gray jacket. I rab by him and grabbed his hair, and started saying “hello clomex… (of course not clomex, I called him by his name)” and my brother stared at me, and that’s when I realized he wasn’t my brother.

Moment 2
Location: Kindergarten
When?: The ceremony of my brother getting his notes
Well, this time I was sitting in ny brother’s chair, and his teacher was giving him his notes. And then, a guy who was like 12 (at that moment I was 7) sat next to me. I don’t know what in the world I was thinking, but I just said “hey boy”. He said “huh?” and I pointed at an empty chair “the kid who sits there is dummy”. The guy said “that’s my cousin” ._.

Moment 3
Location: my old house
When?: Recording me for a TV reportage
Second location: school
When?: Spanish class
I won a contest in my state to be a reporter for one day. That day I talked about how people made shoes. It was a bit awkward having the camera pointing at me, but it was more awkward the next day when my teacher asked the classroom if someone watched me last night. Then they were like ‘ohhh yeah’ and one of them said ‘with the crazy dance?’
I have no idea, how the camera man recorded me dancing. I was pretty sure I was alone in my bedroom. But looks like not. Heh, heh, heh…

Moment 4
Location: every supermarket ever
When?: Middle of shopping
That moment when you are hanging around in the market and your parents are telling you off in front of everyone.
Extra points if your crush is in the same supermarket!

Moment 5
Location: church
When?: Ceremony of Confirmartion
I had the brilliant idea to start talking while our teacher was about to call the Father. She told me off in front of, I don’t know, 70 persons? Yep! And I kept talking! Yayy!!

Well that’s all for today guys!!!!! Don’t forget to check Tell Me More where I’ll be telling you more awkward moments. Thanks for liking and leaving your thoughts below in the comments!
Since tomorrow is what we call Viernes Santo, I might not be able to be on WordPress, and maybe neither in Saturday, and as you know, Sunday is when I’m not on, so, I don’t know, see you next monday peeps!!!! 👋👋👋

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