Movies that left me pondering-Run Lola Run


Do you know about The Butterfly Effect?
Well, if you don’t, is kinda like our life would be different if we made another decision. Just one. A decision that changes your way.

This movie is about 20 minutes. Lola gets a call of his boyfriend, Manni, who needs help. She will find the way to help him, by asking her dad for money. Though, her dad doesn’t help, and Manni goes and breaks in a store, to steal money. While they scape, Lola gets shot in her breast.

Ohh, but wait! What would happen if she ran slower? The 20 minutes start again, and this time Lola takes different decisions. She steals money of her dad’s company, and runs. Finally, she arrives to the place were Manni is. While he is crossing the street, and gets roadkilled.

Wait! There’s more! What if Lola couldn’t get to her dad’s company? She goes to a casino, and wins some money. Manni finds the man who stole the bag with the money inside, and recovers it. They find each other, and walk around.

This movie is pretty interesting, and I consider it as one of my favorites. If you like to ponder about what would happen if you took different decisions, this is a must watch. Bye bye peeps!

The sky is the start line.


5 thoughts on “Movies that left me pondering-Run Lola Run

  1. Ariana Milan Winter March 11, 2016 / 9:39 am

    That movie left ME thinking too. Like really thinking. For example when she ran past people whose future changed because of a few small things. One would think that it would get boring because you had already watched that happen before, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

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