I feel alive (and I’m back [hopefully])

Heyo peeps! This week has been pretty busy for me, much things to worry about, some of them personal, some hurt, anxiety, and stuff.
But I’m back for you guys! I still have to work on a couple of things in school, but I guess I can handle it. Wish me success!

This song called “I feel alive” is by a band called CD9, you know, the kind of band that has boys with fantastic hair and white smile with their fans fangirling when they see them… I don’t like them.
But this song is pretty good, and I can say that if they make more songs like this one, they’ll earn my respect, like One Direction did with “Story of my life”. Here it is, tell me what do you think about it!

I missed ya guys, you are the ones who I can talk to while I relax. Enjoy the rest of the week! 👋👋

The sky is the start line.


6 thoughts on “I feel alive (and I’m back [hopefully])

  1. chape March 17, 2016 / 12:53 am

    Have a great week, my friend. Relax, and have some fun 😀
    Big hug, David

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