Minecraft Tips TMM#5

Game over. Try again?
Nah. Enough for today dude

–this is the continuation of Talk About-Thursday. Check the latest post here
Anyway, welcome to Tell Me More, the continuation of Talk About-Thursday. Baggie person will be giving us tips about minecraft!
Wait, I thought we were taking a 5 minute commercial break lol 😛
Shhh. Chill man.
Okay Baggie, the microphone is all yours…

All right so Minecraft is a game with two gamemodes. Survival is where your goal is to–well, survive. Creative is where you can experiment and create cool stuff.
How can we get inspiration? Like, how do I know I’m building something amazing?
Well, you know you are building something amazing when not many other people have done it before successfully, but you do. You can also try to take an original building and make it better. Or, you know, you can copy off people.
Like plagiarism
Yeah basically. People do that all the time but in Minecraft, it’s not a big deal.
Or I can go and destroy other’s creations right? (((((((:
No laws in Minecraft. Open sandbox world.
I don’t do that tho. Probably…
Yeah you can go destroy other people’s creations with TNT. But then you’d be a griefer.
I bet Dracoola would be the kind of guy who just puts TNT everywhere, or maybe spawns in creepers, and watches as the whole world blows up.
Some people just want to see the world burn…
Indeed. Indeed they do XD
A minecraft life hack?
Minecraft hacking is only allowed in regular singleplayer worlds. On most, if not all, multiplayer servers, hacking is frowned upon. Famous hacks include having no knockback, kill aura, x-ray vision or reach hacks.
Ohh okay.
Well, thanks Baggie for these tips!
Maybe one day when you have enough money we could play Minecraft computer together and stuff.
One day Baggie, one day. When I get money because I’m poor 💸

Well, thanks Baggie for being here! If you enjoyed this post be sure to follow Baggie at Okaygaming.
Thanks again for the invitation!
Well, see you guys later! GOODBYEEEEEE!!!!!!
Bye bye peeps!!!!!
And remember:

The sky is the start line.


8 thoughts on “Minecraft Tips TMM#5

  1. Daniel He hetianding March 17, 2016 / 11:48 pm

    There are some servers that are made for hacking. One server is a server for people to fool around however they like, including hacking, and the map has never been reset (I forgot the ip adress), another is the wizard hacks server, made to help people test their hacks. I used to hack just for fun.
    You forgot the most important tip. Don’t dig straight down/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. badatgaming130 March 17, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    I think some of these tips could have been better but oh well. Again, thanks for the invite ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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