Men taking selfies TMM#6

Does anyone know how to make a good Tell Me More intro? Like, starting like a continuation doesn’t look good. If you have an idea and you can share it to me, I’ll be fully pleased, because, for real, this is awkward.
Wait, this is awkward!!! Haha!!!! Mark that as Moment 6!!!!!!! Next moment!

Moment 7
Location: Karate classroom
When?: Ceremony of grades
Well that day I was supposed to present all the movements I know of Karate and do all the katas of every grade, so I could get to advanced brown belt.
Awkward moment because I forgot how to make a movement. And I was there, standing up, thinking on what movement was next. There. For five minutes that lasted like five hours. Gosh. The sensei had to come and show me the next movement. Gosh….. ._. Senpai please help me!!!!!!

Moment 8
Location: School
When?: Ceremony of 4th grade
That day I got an aknowledgement about something, something I wanted to keep secret, but NO!!!! HAHA!!!!! I GOT IT IN FRONT OF 160 PERSONS!!!!!! I WAS SO LUCKY 😄😄😄😄😄.

Moment 9
Location: House
When?: Every time I want to take a selfie
I can’t. I just can’t. I look weird. And it is weird because I’m not used to take selfies or to appear in photos. Also, that’s not what a man does


Moment 10
Location: House
When?: When parents read my blog
No need for explanation

Well that’s all guys!!!!!
I’m in need of a good outro too… at least for Tell Me More. Meanwhile, here is my usual outro:

The sky is the start line.


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