My First Post Tag

I’m back guys!!!! I’m not dead!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

Ye. Anyway!!!!!!! Thanks to Infinitmagic for nominating me to this tag! Go and, follow her! Yep! Why not?


1: Take a screenshot or quote it onto your blog post (You can go to your archives, your first month you blogged and go from there, to your first ever post)
2: Share why you wanted to start a blog in the first place
3: Tag 10 other people
4: Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to there blog
5: Have fun!

Um, hehe, I’m the kind of person who feels awkward when reading old posts, but this one doesn’t look bad. Well, actually, it is bad for a first post. Like, just look at it:


Gosh so motivational don’t you think? I mispelled it’s. Yep. Look at that. Four lines. Awesome. Just awesome.

Ima tag…
Idk, my brother? Yeah, brother. Do it Clomex.
And Anthony.
And idk who else. Anyone who wants to do this? To remember their first post? Maybe? Yeah? Sounds cool? Okay then.

I’ll be back for a better post, I hope. (What is happening to me?)
However, I’m happy to talk with you guys again!

The sky is the start line.


10 thoughts on “My First Post Tag

  1. badatgaming130 March 28, 2016 / 12:44 pm

    Aww man so I bought those funeral flowers for nothing? 😂😂

    Liked by 3 people

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