No excuse, I won’t delete this one

Has anyone ever felt like inside of you there are many motivational phrases for your friends and the ones who you love but for something you just can’t find the way to tell them? To find the right words?
Well I do, and for me the only way is posting ‘has anyone ever felt’ so I feel sure that more people pass through this.

There are so many persons with problems, personal ones, familiar ones, maybe someone is fighting against an illness, or against society, or against himself or herself, and they just want an easy way to live. And then you have me, someone who posts stuff that possibly isn’t even funny. Heh.

Also, I feel like writing is easier than talking. Leaving an advice typing it is easier. Of course it is easier (though, I’m not good at them, lol). You don’t have to face the person and tell them what you think. But then, how does that work? Why do I do this? I’m always wishing for the right answer to everyone’s problems, but that’s not how life works. And that depresses me. Looking at everyone. There.

Life would be easier if you didn’t have to worry about it, but if so, that wouldn’t be life, don’t you think?

It’s at this moment when after writing this kind of post, I decide to delete it instead of posting it, but this time I’m going to post it for real. No regrets. No excuse. For you to read what another person feels.

And maybe I can find an answer for everything. I don’t know. See ya later guys.

The sky is the start line.

9 thoughts on “No excuse, I won’t delete this one

  1. badatgaming130 March 28, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    The sky is the starting line. And the stars aren’t the finish.

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