Mayas who knew when you were going to die VM#38

Okay so everyone here might not trust this but I can say that this fact is 100% true:
Mayas, as we know, had a certain ability to say the date of some astrologic moments. They predicted the perfect alineation of the planets of our Solar System, which happened on December 21, 2012 (better known as the end of the world date).

Well, Mayas had also an ability to predict the exact day of your death. How? They had an enormous knowledge of the food they ate, so, since one of them was born, there was a kind of table of rock called “Akbal” where it was written what the baby ate. They knew how much damage each food had, and how much their body was spoiled because of it. So, by these things, they knew what day was the death of the person.

This knowledge was lost on 1546, date of the end of the Mayan Culture, after the spanish broke the rocks where the steps of this were written.

Fascinating don’t you think?

The pranks are the start line.


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