Old Cartoons TAT#30

How’s it that Tom and Jerry were worse than Deadpool himself?


Who remembers an old cartoon? Who has watched an old cartoon?

I remember watching The Pink Panther. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. I don’t know why, but I used to laugh a lot when watching it when I was little. Back in 2008…
Eight years ago!
Oh and also Tom and Jerry! Anyone remembers the old Tom and Jerry show? You know, the R-rated one?
What. How can they be r-rated?
I know, right??? But yes! They were r-rated! I mean, just look at this:


Oh!! Do you think this is nothing?? Have a look at this one!


Tom, what in the world are you gonna do to Jerry????

Some old cartoons were really violent on their years, but hey! We got good ol’ Woody Woodpecker! And Pink Panther! And of course the whole gang of Hanna-Barbera!!! (which, by the way, is the dad of Cartoon Network) The Flinstones, Top Cat, Yogi the Bear… come on guys!! Not everything in life is Gumball! Or Gravity Falls! We gotta learn from the classics!

Hanna-Barbera had lots (and by this I mean LOTS) of cartoons!!! Some of them have had reboots! For example: Scooby Doo. I agree that Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated was really good. Not like this new one called Be Cool Scooby Doo! (my opinion. Others might say that Mystery Incorporated sucks and that Be Cool Scooby Doo is goals).
And The Flinstones had really good movies, with no reboots though.

You are wrong buddy. What about these guys:


Guys, I’m serious. If you have never watched Looney Tunes, you had no childhood. NO CHILDHOOD.

Come on guys!!! Who doesn’t love Bugs Bunny and his whole crew??? They rock!!! They are awesome!!! They’ve had like 4 reboots!!! (One of them called “wabbit” and just Sam and Bugs appear there)

What are your memories on them? What was the first old cartoon you watched? Did you like it? Do you still like it? Leave the answer below in the comments!!!!
Thanks for liking and taking time to read this. Don’t forget to check Tell Me More where we will be discussing about which Looney Tunes show is better.
That’s not all Folks!


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