Old is cool! TMM#8

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Picture via: http://img06.deviantart.net/59fb/i/2012/291/0/9/looney_tunes_generations_by_zigaudrey-d5i6bn4.jpg

Old versus new. Which one will win?

The new Looney Tunes show is way different than the original. We have a responsable Bugs Bunny (why is he responsable??????), a Speedy Gonzales which has a Pizza restaurant, an Elmer who works as a newsman (what?????), a dummy Lola Bunny, a kid Gossamer (again, what????), etc.
What have you done Warner Bros?? I mean, come on, a responsable Bugs Bunny?? What???
I do understand that Elmer can’t hunt Bugs anymore but, Elmer as a newsman?? NO!!!! THAT’S NOT HIS ZONE!

And Taz. Good ol’ Taz. He is the pet of Bugs ._. Why you do this??
However, the woman who owns Tweety and Sylvester hasn’t changed (well, except that she is extreme now). But like… just no.

I don’t really like “The Looney Tunes show” to be honest. It is just weird. Different than the original. Wabbit however has a similar version of the old Bugs Bunny, and sometimes it is funny, but idk guys. I’m still gonna watch the old series. What about you?

The sky is the start line.


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