I win!!!! TMM#9

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Well, looks like I won!! Haha!!! After 4 days, but still worth it.

To be honest, all the Pixar movies are basically predictable. Want to know why? The answer is the same answer to why Pixar movies are successful, beginning with Monsters Inc.:

The first reaction test audiences had to “Monsters, Inc.” wasn’t the bottomless sense of wonder drummed up by most Pixar movies: It was boredom.

“I thought, Oh, a film about monsters who scare kids for a living. That hook should be enough to make people engaged,” director Pete Docter told Tech Insider. “After about fifteen minutes, people began checking their watches and asking what is this movie about.”

And so it was back to the drawing board. Docter, a Pixar veteran since 1989, had long been wrapped up in his work at the upstart California animation studio. His life took a sharp turn around this time, however, when he had his first child. As he found himself focusing on something other than work, he recognised a vital parallel in his movie.

“I knew I still wanted to do work and that was very important, but I wanted to be with my son, so that really became the heart of what that film is about,” Docter said.

“Monster’s, Inc.” (2001) became the story of Sulley, the king of scares in a corporation of monsters, discovering his softer side as he’s forced to protect a girl named Boo.

The director points to this as the change that saved the movie — and the final product was good enough to collect high box office sales and an impressive 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

That deep emotional core, often based on real life, is present in Pixar movies ranging from “Toy Story” (1995) to “Inside Out” (2015). It is what makes the movies so engaging for all ages — and what allows them to tackle such complex and adult concepts as loss, sadness, and compassion.

Look, every Pixar movie has a different perspective of life through the eyes of cars, toys, bugs, etc. Marlin, worrying about Nemo, Sulley worrying about Boo. The perspective of a father and mother watching their children grow. Isn’t that awesome? This is why they are successful.

So, next time you are having an argument with a person who thinks Pixar stinks, just tell them what I’ve just told you.

Want to know more about Pixar and its deeper meaning? Click here.


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    • OY30 April 25, 2016 / 3:41 pm

      Hardy Har Har 😂😂😂


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