The TARDIS drawing!!!

Hello hello peeps!!! Hope you started great this week!! I’ve been drawing Doctor Who stuff a lot, like this TARDIS. Idk, I felt like sharing it because why not? xD


Have a nice week guys!!

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Good morning everyone!!!








The Hobbit drawing

Hello hello you awesome people from the internet!!! Hope your week has been great so far!

Remember that thing about Science Fair? Yeah? Well, we did not win. Hehe. Heh. Yeh…

But it’s okay though. I was actually happy. Because now they are my team for a Spanish project. They let me join them. And this is the third time, and you know that at the third time everything gets better, so that’s what I expect to happen.

ANYWAY… we don’t want to talk about me, do we? So let me share with you a drawing I made a couple of days ago:


Because I’m a truly Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fan. I really enjoyed drawing this one.

Friday is almost here!! We can do it people!!! Let’s finish this week in an awesome way!!!

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Amazing sunday everybody!!

Ohhh have an amazing sunday you lovely people from the internet!!! Today I am going to relax a lot since yesterday we had a Karate tournament (we were there from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm) aaaaand I think I should be free now xD

Because most of my posts have pictures, here is one. How would you caption it?


For example: when your mom tells things you did in your childhood but you don’t recall any of it.

What are you gonna do this sunday?? Whatever you do, do it in an awesome way xP

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Third Attempt at a Raffle!

Enter to this you amazing people from Earth!!

Expensive Rainbows

So this is to make up for my last failed attempt at a raffle-giveaway-type-post. Those of you who have entered in that failed raffle have the rights to keep your entries as well as make new ones!

Here are the rules!

-3 winners

-Winners get: A guest post and a drawing

-Must be a follower to enter!

To enter: Like and comment “joining” 😊

Extra entries:

-Reblog +1

-Be an active follower (in which the Queen—aka yours truly—will decide whether or not thy be active) +2

-Guess one thing about me (if it’s correct you get +1)

-And . . . I guess . . . follow my ig, username is (even though it’s completely pointless cuz all I post is horrible art, you get +2!!)

Good luck! Love ya’ll ;D

Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}

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Good and Bad things about being me TAT#33

Do you realize how selfish the title sounds?


Good thursday you amazing people from the internet! Hope you are doing great!!

I’ve pondering a lot lately. Been pondering about my life, about how I live it, you know, that kind of deep stuff everyone at some point ponders about.

And so, I realized that there are many good and bad things about being me (just like people). I mean, I did know that, but I just realized which good and bad things were.

So I just grabbed my notebook and started writing them all in a list. And… I thought “I have a website, which is my personal blog, which has personal content, why not posting the good and bad things about being me?” And that’s when this post started.

Now, some of you might not be interested about them, so I’m going to try to tell my facts as funny as I can, just to entertain you, and not make you sleep of boredom. Okay?

Bad things about being me:
I will start with the bad things because I know, that is better hearing the good news after the bad news, than the bad ones after the good ones.

¤) I can be really jealous. Really. Trust me when I say that. I hate it, but I hate more the success of other people with their skills and—I mean bubbles!!

¤) I am lazy. I can have a very important test tomorrow and just lay on my bed. I’m just lazy. Unless there’s something I really care about, I will just be staring at the homework notebook for hours (not right now though, I want to get good grades this bimester)

¤) I am a freaking perfectionist. And I might have a bit of OCD (not joking) too.

¤ I can also get stressed easily. That’s why I draw a lot, it helps me calm down and relax (also, listening at piano, saxophone or violin music works too).

¤ I talk a lot. A lot. Even if the teacher wants complete silence. I just can’t stop talking (but funny thing, I can also be really quiet when meditating [yes, I do that, problem?])

¤ My temper is bad. And be careful if you get to annoy me a lot. Really. I hate it, but my weapon are words. I really need to practise keeping my thoughts in my mind and thinking twice, but if you are annoying me a lot, and you make me lose my head, the words will come out.

Good things about being me:
This is the part when everything turns into happy emojis. We are safe now.

¤ I really like drawing. And thanks to that, my drawing skills grow. And that helps me when I need to make a project with drawings, or with my homework, or when I need to make a new image for Talk About-Thursday, etc. Drawing is just amazing.

¤ I’m a bibliophile. I love books. I love their smell. I love their content. Wether if it’s sci-fi or adventure or suspense, I love books. I also read a lot. Never stop reading.

¤ But I’m a cinephile too! And as every cinephile, I love watching lots of movies. I don’t care if it’s The GodFather or Fight Club. If the plot is good, it’s okay with me.

¤ I am creative (at least that’s what my mom tells me). I think about many things and how to solve them, I think about many theories about everything and I write them, I think about stories and I tell them, I think about adventures and I draw them, you know what I mean.

¤ Even if I have a bad temper, I will try to make my best at helping you. I like helping everyone. Sharing my experiences to others, or explaining ecuations xD I will try to make my best at helping.

¤ I get good grades. I don’t know how, since I don’t study often, but I get good grades.

What are good things and bad things about being you? Leave your answer in the comments!! Bye bye!

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Science Fair project (hoping we did well)

Hello you amazing people!! How are you today?

If you did not know (of course you don’t know, you don’t know me in real life) our school is making a Science Fair. Yes!!!

This year, we 8th graders have to choose between all of the Physics projects that our teacher gives us. But my team didn’t. Our project is different.

We are preparing two projects actually, and they are about frequencies. You know, like those videos on YouTube where you listen at some sounds and you find out you can’t hear what a 6 year old can…
No? Okay. Nevermind then.

Anyway, today we presented the project to our whole classroom, our teacher and some moms (yes. I don’t know why, but they were there). And I must say we did it really well. Our teacher will tell us if we actually did soon. Now I just hope we get to be the bests of the classroom because that would mean we would go to the Science Fair and maybe not have to make the final exam *fingers crossed*

I don’t know. I just want to look at everyone making the exams while they are worrying about what to answer I just want to have fun 🙂

And that’s pretty much what has happened in my life. What about you?

Have a nice day peeps!!! Don’t forget to smile and eat some cookies!!! Because why not? Just go and buy some. Now. Right now.

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