How to enjoy a “TV show” afternoon TAT#32

Why isn’t this post called “How to enjoy a ‘Neflix and chill’ afternoon”?


Hello everyone!! How are you today??

Ahhhh Neflix. Who doesn’t have Neflix in their house? (*ahem* me *ahem*)
But that doesn’t stop me from watching my favorite TV shows, and I’m pretty sure many others agree with me.
At the beginning of this post I asked why this post isn’t called “How to enjoy a ‘Netflix and chill’ afternoon”. The reason of this is that, as I’ve mentioned before, not everyone has Neflix. And it can get really annoying when you can’t enjoy your shows anymore because they moved to Netflix (or viceverse, like Doctor Who leaving Netflix).
So, wether or not you have Netflix, you can still be fan of your favorite TV show.

And that’s why we are here!! To give you some tips for a successful TV show afternoon in your house with family and friends (or alone if you prefer).

Tips on how to enjoy a TV show afternoon:
-First of all, go to the bathroom and make your business, so you don’t have to worry while watching your TV show.
-Prepare some snacks. A bowl of M&M’s or a coke with popcorn can be a great choice.
-If you are with your family and/or friends, remind them to SHUT THE **** UP so you can enjoy the story better.
-Turn off the lights of your room and let the light of your screen take the place.
-Last but don’t least, turn off your mobile devices and everything that might distract you in the next 5 hours (or more).

Do you have any more tips? If so, leave them below in the comments! Thanks for liking and sharing your thoughts!!
Also, I´ve got important news: Tell Me More will not be continued because of the laziness xD But really, I don´t have enough material to make two posts of the same topic. I will still be posting Talk About-Thursday don´t worry, but yeah. Thank you. Keep scrolling :3

The sky is the start line.


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