Third Attempt at a Raffle!

Enter to this you amazing people from Earth!!

Expensive Rainbows

So this is to make up for my last failed attempt at a raffle-giveaway-type-post. Those of you who have entered in that failed raffle have the rights to keep your entries as well as make new ones!

Here are the rules!

-3 winners

-Winners get: A guest post and a drawing

-Must be a follower to enter!

To enter: Like and comment “joining” 😊

Extra entries:

-Reblog +1

-Be an active follower (in which the Queen—aka yours truly—will decide whether or not thy be active) +2

-Guess one thing about me (if it’s correct you get +1)

-And . . . I guess . . . follow my ig, username is (even though it’s completely pointless cuz all I post is horrible art, you get +2!!)

Good luck! Love ya’ll ;D

Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}

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