The Blogger Recognition Award!!


Why hello you people from the Earth! How are you today??

I’m back with a nomination from wanderlust77 for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you!!

The rules to this award are:

1. Write a post to show your award.
2. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you.
3. Give a brief story about how you got started blogging.
4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
5. Nominate other bloggers for the award.

My well known blogging story:
I’ve told my blogging story before but I enjoy sharing it so… why not?
I started blogging thanks to the SuperFolder community there in the land of the almighty Origami Yoda. They had their own blogs so I started mine (in blogspot :’v ). Then, I thought I was ready to have a WordPress one and so this one started.

Two pieces of advice for new bloggers:
1) Write what you’d like to read, not what others would like.
2) Don’t give up at writing. The moment when you start feeling like everything you write is crap, is when everything changes.

I nominate:
Magic (since she is back)

Bye bye peeps!

The sky is the start line.


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