What would life be without… TAT#38| SPECIAL with Saturday Morning Status

Because the world would end without these things (or at least mine would xD)


Hello everyone and happy thursday!

Today´s issue will be a bit different, since it´s an special. Captain Origami from Origami Mayhem and I are making sort of a crossover post! This means that we both will talk about this topic on our weekly posts. We hope you enjoy this!

Let´s move on to the post.

There are some things in people´s lives that are essential. Maybe books, maybe videogames, maybe makeup, maybe YouTube, etc. Today, I am going to talk about what would life be without some of those essential things.


As you guys may know, filmmaking is considered as the Seventh Art (I´m sure about that because 1) I wanna be a filmmaker and 2) I googled it.

Movies can show so many things to people, real life problems, science, fiction. They can also make families reunite, or make people from different countries find similar stuff they like.

What would life be without movies? A life I wouldn´t want to live.

 —-this does not include the awful movies that were adapted from books and that made the fans upset—-
TV shows
Well most of what I said about movies can be said about TV shows too, but I´ll try to say something else xD
No, sorry, couldn´t think of anything else than just laying on a sofa scratching your belly button while you binge your favorite show.
Well ima leave that one to you guys.
Talk About-Thursday
Because your life would be so poor and so sad if you ever missed an issue of your favorite weekly series. World would end. Sharknados would be released. Maybe even worse, Mexico would win a medal on the Olympics 0-0
Well that´s all for today´s issue peeps!! Don´t forget to head over to Origami Mayhem at saturday to read Saturday Morning Status about what would life be without Internet and Music!!!! Have a nice day everyone!
The sky is the start line.

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