Cockatrice drawing | Request

Hello everyone and happy thursday! It’s a brand new month, and we are getting closer to December 31 0-0. The year is almost over!!!

Anyway, Jessenia made a drawing request, and here it is:

So we got:

  1. Cockatrice drawing: check 
  2. Tauriel drawing: coming soon 
  3. Hufflepuffwholock drawing + Drunk giraffes drawing (I never get tired of typing that xD): coming soon 
  4. DumCheese drawing: coming soon 
  5. Daniel He hetianding drawing: coming soon 

    And that’s all. Feel free to leave a drawing request below too! 🙂

    I have to write an essay for Spanish now. Essays for Spanish aren’t cool =~=

    How was your day guys?

    The sky is the start line.



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