Well, I think I did it…

So basically yesterday I spent the whole day making and studying my arguments for today’s debate (which was pretty good actually [I was really nervous but at the end I was able to handle it]), and memorizing my dialogues for today’s play (which took me like two hours [plus the script wasn’t complete so I had to wait for today when they would give me the last part]) and prepared my outfit of the play (which was also annoying but at the same time good because I found something for Capaldi’s cosplay that I would use for this Halloween [I also found a cape, and it was awesome xD]) and arrived today and prepared for both things and in the debate one of my mates took the turn of another one and wasted an opportunity to close in an amazing way and in the play one of my classmates skipped a part and my friend wasn’t able to participate because of that and I had to improve (and hug her later because she felt bad) and yeah.

In other news I heard TWD’s fandom is on fire because of the death of –CENSORED IN CASE SOMEONE WATCHES IT– and many people spoiled them.

This is why I love being part of my fandoms xD

How was your day peeps?

The sky is the start line.



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