Captain Jack Harkness | Drawing

Hey everyone!! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas!

I got a coat :3

That’s it.

Oh yeah and a SD card of 16 GB.

That’s it.

Meh, don’t worry. We mexicans have this thing called “Día de Reyes” which is in January 6th where the three wizard kings come and give us presents. This comes from a Catholic tradition.

I just have to be patient xD I’m still getting something :v

I drew good ol’ Cap’n Jack!

I’m almost done with Torchwood Season 2. The show is amazing and the writers have done a wonderful job. 

Also, hey, whovian people!!! Did you watch The Return of Doctor Mysterio yesterday???

God I spent like 3 hours waiting for the special to be released. SyFy promised to broadcast it live + subtitled. I cried when I watched the intro :’) 

I read tons of opinions about this special and many were “meh” :’v . I think it was pretty good to be honest. And as always Peter Capaldi’s performance was great. Enjoyed Matt Lucas’ role as Nardole too! I think he will be a good companion.

And the Season 10 trailer at the end… oh my…

Just 6 days until we begin a brand new year!!!! (With a new season of Sherlock :3 )

How was your Christmas guys? 

The sky is the start line.



4 thoughts on “Captain Jack Harkness | Drawing

  1. ★ Luka Puka ★ December 31, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    Your artwork looks so natural! Your drawings of cartoon people are simply beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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