Patrick Throughton | Drawing

Hey everyone!!!! It’s a brand new week!!! Tomorrow will be the last day of February :0 I can’t believe two months have just passed!!!!

Did you watch the Oscars yesterday? I think they were cool to be honest! Actually, it was kind of hilarious to me the fact that La La Land did not won xD 

Like, it reminded me of last year’s Miss Universe contest.

Just that, in this case, La La Land was Colombia and Moonlight was Philippines.

Why was the bald guy so mean?? Like, dude, there are nicer ways of taking that paper!!! You realize that you did that to a Hollywood star right??? 

But aside that, I think it was cool lol. I didn’t agree with some winners. I think Suicide Squad did not deserve its Oscar, and I also think Piper did not deserve its Oscar either. 

I think Borrowed Time should have been the winner. Its message is just so deep and so touching… I remember watching it last year with my dad, we both ended with tears in our eyes lol.

I can’t find the video in YouTube, but guys, if you have the chance, search it and watch it. It’s worth the watching.

In other news I drew Patrick Throughton a few days ago!

You can see the original at the top.

How was your day peeps?

The sky is the start line.



Updates in life

Heyyy everyone!!!! 

Sorry for my one week-hiatus…

I stopped making posts some hours before February 14. And it has happened a lot since that day. A lot. And right now my brain is full of mixed emotions and feelings and I’ve been procrastinating a lot and about to feel anxiety.

Just today I was able to finally relax a bit and make a list about what I need to do. 

  • Start planning our project for this year’s Science Fair

This year I decided to make the project with the “smart” group of the classroom (which by the way I am part of). You know, the last two years I made the project with my friends, because, I felt like I would let them down if I didn’t help them with the project. And now I can see that the one who “killed” himself every day memorizing and working on the project was me. I was the one who put effort on the project. 

But now, this year, our teacher didn’t let us have six members in our group because that was “too much advantage”. And so these days we were discussing about who should be leaving the group. 

It did not end up good. And now we gotta make more decisions.

  • Speech for Spanish Contest

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved participating in this kind of contests. I love the feeling I get when I let my thoughts out in front of lots of people. My mom had an important role in this :v

But again, just today our Spanish teacher told us about this contest they are going to have immediately after our Spring Break. And currently, besides dealing with the Science Fair thing, I’ve had some family issues and it has been really hard to concentrate in more than two things. That’s why I told my teacher I would not participate.

But after the class ended, she had a word with me and told me that I was the only person who could actually participate in the contest from my group, because I was the only one who has the ability and experience on this kind of stuff. And so, I finally said yes. 

Now I need to make my speech for this friday. Oh my.

  • Prepare for the debate

I’ve told you this before. This year my school is going to participate in a debate against other schools from the town. And I am part of the debate team. The debate is in one month, and only this week we started preparing for it =~=

I need to practise my English speaking and listening. And also start looking for facts we need to learn for the debate. There are many topics: Human Clonation, Immigration, Same-sex Marriage, Corruption and some other stuff. 

  • Talk About-Thursday

It’s been more than a MONTH since I made a Talk About-Thursday post. And I feel so awful for that. I swear that every week I’m like “this is the week. I will finally do something for this Thursday” but something happens and at the end I’m not able to do it. And you have no idea how bad I feel about it.

I love these series. I love them so much. They are part of my blogger-self and I feel thankful for them because somehow they helped me to be the blogger I am today.

It is also hard to plan something when you are also an admin in a Facebook fanpage and must come up with ideas to keep that page alive too.

Possibly I might do Talk About-Thursday this week. Possibly not. I’m not sure anymore. I just hope I have the chance.

  • Personal Issues

Now I had the doubt of telling you but I think I can finally do it. I’m tired of keeping too many things in my head.

First of all, I want to begin saying that every person has their little or big preocupation. Don’t you think? And sometimes it’s the society you live in the one who makes you feel pressured to take decisions.

I told you about a girl I like. Right? But I didn’t tell you she also likes me. Now, many persons are telling me to have a relationship with her, because this “is an amazing opportunity”. But the thing is I don’t feel like having a relationship right now.

It’s kinda depressing when you see everyone happy with their boyfriends/girlfriends and knowing that you could be one of them. But I really don’t want anything. I’m sure I wouldn’t know what to do after I asked her out. I have too many things to worry about that I’m afraid I would screw the relationship and make the situation worse than it was.

But it’s also awful, because, she may like me, but the thing is she actually has her eyes on another boy. They had a relationship before but they broke up because of something. And now, they miss each other. Plus, every weekend she goes and visits him and his family. There are some issues on his family which has also made her feel terrible and depressed, because of the illness of an important member of his family. 

And then there you have it, she tells me how bad she feels for him and how much she wants things to be like they used to be before. And how she feels bad because she is sure nobody feels the way she feels. 

But recently a member of my family just passed away. Like a couple of weeks ago. And it is hard to listen at the problems of someone who “likes you” but likes another guy more, and how she is upset, and really doesn’t show any interest on what I would say; while I see my dad struggling to smile like he used to do and not to show us how awful he feels. I admire him for what he is doing.

Not saying it’s her fault. She has the right to say what she wants to say and her reactions are of course different than mine. But a little bit of empathy wouldn’t be bad either. Don’t you think?


Thanks for reading all the way down this post. It truly means a lot. And it certainly feels better to share my thoughts with you guys.

How was your week? How are you? Everything all right? I’ll be reading what you have to say if you want πŸ™‚

I missed you guys.
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That time of the year… (again)

Hey guys!! It’s a brand new week, full of exams and other stuff.

Of course it would be a week like another, but hey, tomorrow is February 14. And we know what they celebrate in February 14.

Saint Valentine’s Day 

My school is going to have a celebration tomorrow and, as always, couples will be hanging around. 

Giving each other chocolates, heart-shaped ballons, letters, hugs, kisses…

You can smell love in the air. 

Love being: spending money in stuff for just one day.

And then there will be me. 



Watching everyone.

Awkwardly sitting in silence.



But you know what? I have a bunch of episodes of Classic Who I downloaded last weekend. I may watch them. And also concentrate on my exams πŸ™‚


I also have ice-cream… and books…

How was your day guys? What are you gonna do tomorrow? Did you get a Valentine?
Love is in the air…

~That one singer whose name I can’t remember


Crazy little thing called exams

Hi everybody!

Today I started my exams week. 

I will never learn to love them :v

I also got three books today. One of them is called “MΓ©xico Barbaro” and we have to read it for History. Another one is called “El Lazarillo de Tormes” and we have to read it for “Spanish”. And the last one is called “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire” and I have to read it because I’m in the Harry Potter fandom now :v

Found a great website of HQ pictures. Really cool and useful. Check it out if you want.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out now!


The sky is the start line.


P.S. since I’m too busy studying for exams my posts will be shorter this period. How was your day?


The Mystery Blogger Award | #2 :v

Hey everyone!! I’m doing this award again! This time, thanks to the lovely Jirah Merizz for nominating me. Go and check out her blog!

The Rules of this award: 

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. List the rules.

3. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.

5. Tell your readers three things about yourself.

6. Answer five questions from the nominee.

7. Nominate anywhere from ten to twenty bloggers.

8. Notify the bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog.

9. Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question.

10. Share the link to your best post. 

Three things about myself: 

  1.  I love books. They’re beautiful. (Not all of them though. There are books, AND there are books. You know what I mean)
  2. I’m very sad because Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who :’c
  3. I love drawing too. It’s amazing being able to show your thoughts through a piece of paper and ink.

Answers to the questions: 

1. If you were given 50 thousand pesos, what would you do?

I’ll keep 75% of it and the other 25% would be spent on my projects. 

2. Name a place that’s on your bucket list.

London ❀ 

3. State whom you would marry, kiss or kill.

I’d marry Louise Brealey. I’d kiss Scarlett Johansson. I’d kill anyone.

Lol just kidding. I wouldn’t kill because I think I’m not the one who should judge a person by their acts. 

4. Favorite artist as of the moment?

I don’t have a favorite artist :v 

5. What would you want to do/be in the future? 

A happy man with a great family, a nice job, nice place to live and a well-lived life. 

My nominees: 

Last time it seemed like others wanted to be nominated, so I guess you can do this award if you want. Feel free to do it.

My questions: 

  1. What do you think is the meaning of life?
  2. What was your favorite show when child?
  3. What are you wearing right now?
  4. Why did the cow jumped over the moon if science proves it’s impossible?
  5. What would you tell to a younger version of yourself? 

My best post: 

Last time I shared what WordPress thought my best post was. Now, in my opinion, my best post is So… Sherrinford?

Well that’s it peeps! How was your day? πŸ™‚

The sky is the start line.



The Perks of Being Single | #HowNotToFeelSadThisFeb14

Hey everyone!!! It’s a brand new month and a brand new week! 

Today I finally got to finish Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Gosh guys. I must say this is an awesome TV show. Amazing. Truly amazing. I feel proud of watching the whole seasons. Now I just hope Class can get as great as this show became over the years.

Anyway, that time of the year is coming. Again. That time of the year where couples spend time doing romantic stuff.

Again, I don’t have a Valentine for this Valentine’s day. 


Gonna spend the whole day watching everyone kissing and hugging.


But you know what? It’s cool because if you think about it, you don’t have to spend your money!!! πŸ˜€

Okay not really. Heh

How was your day guys?

The sky is the start line.



Like when your teacher is part of your fandom

Hey everyone! How’s stuff going?

Tomorrow my classroom is going to the “High School” section of our school. 

(In case you didn’t know [probably you do but I don’t know] the school system works different here, in Mexico. Like, education levels are separated in three years of Kindergarten, then six years of Elementary school, then three years of Middle school, then another three years of High school, and then College.

This being said, you can deduce that I’m currently at 9th grade.

Of course considering I begin my school year in August too.

Anyway, what we are going to do is have a sneak peek the entire day of what High school is. I don’t know what we exactly are going to do, but I hope it will be fun.

Also today I found out my Physics teacher is a member of the Sherlockian Fandom AHHHHHH.

It was really weird you know? Because we were doing a Physics work in groups, and when she walked by our tables, I was playing “Who you really are” from Sherlock: The Final Problem soundtrack. And a friend would be like:

“Miss, Antonio is listening to classical music again”

And she’d be like:

“Well that’s good, it helps you when yoi are trying to concentrate” 

Then my friend’d be like:

“But it’s from his TV show!”

And she’d be like:

“Oh really, what TV show?” 

And I said:


And then she’d be like:

And then like:


And then I’d be like:

And my friend would be like:

I love Draco’s face in this gif, it’s priceless

In other news, I made another drawing. 

If you’re part of the Miss Peregrine fandom, you’ll get this.

So yeah, it was a good day.

Hey I have a question!! What color is the shirt you’re wearing right now?

Mine’s red.

With black stripes.

And white stripes too.

The sky is the start line.