Intense year

Hey guys! It’s me. I finally got time to write another post.

If you’ve been following the news, you probably know about the recent quake that Mexico had a couple of days ago.

The funny thing about it is that it happened exactly 32 years after Mexico’s great earthquake in 1985.

And yeah, it’s the first time I get to feel one of those.

We were all in class period, in fact it was our last class of the day. Three hours earlier we had a simulacrum, and I can tell you that none of us had any idea a quake would actually happen. 

The floor began to shake, and we went quickly to the center of the schoolyard. I can’t remember how many seconds the quake lasted. There were people crying. There were people fainting. There were people in the floor crying. Some of them fell and hit their head with the ground. But fortunately nothing bad happened (I mean it was bad enough for everyone to feel the quake but you get the idea).

Accidentally I left my phone inside the classroom, and I got worried. How was I supposed to call my parents?

Boom. Of course I wasn’t going to be able to call them even if I had my phone with me, there wasn’t signal.

We spent twenty minutes outside, waiting. And then we were authorized to pick up our things and then leave. Lots of parents were outside, anxious to see their children. My dad couldn’t arrive at that moment, he arrived like 40 minutes later, but it was all due to the traffic.

My brother was all right, and the signal came back, and I phoned my mom to see if she and my sister were alright. They were.

Dad took us home, and during the journey, I saw destroyed cars, destroyed streets, people running.

Jesus, there were people assaulting others. Like, what the hell guys?

Fortunately my family and friends are alright. These days we’ve been collecting food and water for the people who are in need of help. You can see students of universities traveling to small towns, bringing the citizens of those towns food, and it’s all beautiful. It’s sad, of course, but it’s also beautiful to see people helping people.

This year has been pretty intense for me. My grandparents died, I finished middle school, I felt my first earthquake, I’ve dealt with pretty deep stuff…

Darn it guys, and the year ain’t over :v

But hey, that’s how life’s supposed to be, isn’t it? Unexpected.

Well, I’m off to go help a group of students now. Thanks for reading what I had to share with you. Mexico stays strong.

See ya guys, this man loves you :> ❤

The sky is the start line.



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The sky is the start line.












Oh gawd, hey guys!!!!

Jeez, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you peeps. It’s been two months since I last talked to you and oh man. A lot has happened ever since.

Jwdbksndienfk I don’t know where to start…

Okay, so. I finished Middle School!


(yeah btw, I owe a certain person something for promising to help them with a project they made when I finished middle school… Sorry. Deeply sorry :l [ I also want to say “I LOVE YOU YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO IT :>” to that person and their sister for what they did in one of their blogs {they know what I mean} I read it guys. Thank you. You certainly made my day and inspired me to finally type something today])

Uhh, I don’t know if I should tell you everything about it.

What the hell? 

Nevermind. Ima tell you right now.

So the 9th graders (me included) had their graduation on July 15. We had this celebration which was pretty cool, and after that we had a party which lasted about eight hours (?) And there were selfies, and balloons, and lots of friend together enjoying the party, and we danced. No one danced alone, everyone had at least someone else to dance with.

Then, some decided to keep dancing. Others decided to chill outside and spend the last hours with friends you probably would never see again. And there were tears, and hugs, and kisses. It was sad. But…

Everything ends, and that’s always sad. But everything begins too, and that’s always happy. Be happy.

~The Twelfth Doctor

After that day, I had about six days free. Six days to spend some time with my family while we were on vacation. I would spend the next weeks at a summer school, where we could swim, play basketball/football soccer, play tennis, chess, dance, and some other stuff.

And it was great. Three weeks of summer school, and then…





Chapter 4


I entered on August 7, and jeez. LOTS OF NEW PEOPLE. LOTS. KWNDKEJ. THERE WERE HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS (okay probably not hundreds and hundreds but you get the idea).

It felt like a whole new world, the atmosphere was so different. Guys from different schools, brand new teachers, brand new assignments, brand new classrooms…

And it’s just happened a month since that day and I’m already having exams next week!!!! >:c

Maths. Oh man. The teacher is amazing. And Spanish. Mannn, if the maths’ teacher is amazing, this teacher is a god. And Investigation’s teacher, she’s also great. As well as Ethics’ teacher and Religion’s teacher. Although Chemistry’s teacher…

Idk anymore.

One day she’s mean and rude, and has a sarcastic smile on her face, and the next day she’s laughing and joking and helps us with the topic of the day…

There are also some extra assignments we can choose to increase our skills, and I chose “Drawing” and “B Community”.


In the other hand…

I’ve been watching Rick and Morty season 3 these days :v

And I also binge watched The Walking Dead season 1. To be honest I didn’t think it was that great of a show before, but after THAT ending, man. It was awesome. I’m joining that fandom.

And since we’re talking about fandoms…

I know it’s been so long but I haven’t shared with you my thoughts yet.

Thirteen Doctor.


I can’t even describe how I felt that moment when I was watching the video the BBC released. A forest and the Doctor walking in a badass mood.

And then, the big reveal.

And it drove me mad.

The Doctor is still noT GINGER OH MY GOD SHAME ON YOU BBC.


For real though, what’s the deal with the Doctor being a woman now? I love her already.

(Actually, I’ve already developed a crush on Jodie Whittaker :>)


I’m looking forward to her series tbh. And I’m excited. Darn excited.

But that means Capaldi babe is leaving :c

He will always be my Doctor.



Now, my other fandom.

Harry Potter.


#19YearsLater #BackToHogwarts #ILoveYouJKRowling #BlessYou #AndThankYou

Some girls were wearing Harry Potter t-shirts today :”) I wish I had one, I couldn’t show the students I’m a proud Potterhead. And a Ravenclaw. All hail Rowena Ravenclaw 💙.

What else?

I’m a fish now. Being a fish is cool.

I’m missing something…

Oh yes.

I’m deleting this website.





I’m not. At least not until I finish High School :v

I really want to keep blogging. I love it. And I love meeting new blogs. That’s why I gotta change the way I blog. That’s right. Maybe I won’t be blogging as much as I used to do before, and maybe my posts will be longer and longer. It’s time for a change. And I’m hoping you guys stick with me during these changes. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. You mean a lot to me, and you’ve made a huge impact in my life. Wether if you just liked a post, or if you had a conversation with me in the comments. You mean a lot to me.

I’m back.

This website ain’t dead. Not now.

See you later!

The sky is the start line.