About me

I’m OY30 (AKA Antonio Llergo [you can call me Antonio if you want]), a mexican teenager.

My blogging story:

My blogging story goes back to when I was in 4nd grade of elementary school. I remember reading about blogs, and telling my mother how I wanted to have one. I created it, and called it “PhinFerInfo y otros mas” (translated as PhinFerInfo and other things). Actually, since I forgot my password of that account, the website hasn’t been deleted. You can click here to visit it.

Even though I only made four posts (and all of them copied of WikiPedia), I liked having a blog. There was another post about Mafalda, the comic strip character, but deleted it after a notification Blogger gave me telling me I was making something illegal.

For the following years, I didn’t use my website anymore, but I would tell everyone that I had a blog.

When I moved to another state, I found Tom Angleberger’s website, and found the wonderful SuperFolder Talkzone. A page were the users of the website were able to talk to each other. After creating my account, I saw how many SuperFolders (that’s the name given to OY.com users) had a blog. And the memories of my old blog came back.

I decided to create a WordPress blog (since they made their blogs with WordPress too), but I had absolutely no idea on how it worked. The account I used for that website is still active, and I use it to check my blog when I want to see how other people see it.

As I did not know how to use a WordPress website, I created another blog with Blogger instead. But this time with another email. And it was written in spanish. I remember celebrating for 1000 views xD.

However, most of the SuperFolders weren’t able to follow my blog since they had to have a Google account to follow it. So I deleted it  (I got to rescue some material of it though, and it is included in the “Old memories” page).

After new year’s celebration, I thought I was ready to have a WordPress blog this time. So I created “OY30’s blog”. OY30 is the short way to say “Origamiyoda30”, and that’s how SuperFolders used to call me.

This time SuperFolders started to visit my website, and the blog remained alive, and became this website.

What I like to do:

I like to read, since I was a child, I would ask my parents to buy me books because I couldn’t handle not having anything to read (I still feel that way when I finish reading my books).

I love to draw. My grandad was the best cartoonist of his school, and my dad learned to draw thanks to him. When I was ready to hold a crayon, my dad started to teach me how to draw. And I haven’t stopped ever since.

I really enjoy watching movies. I consider them as one of the most beautiful things in the world.

I also enjoy watching TV. I think TV it’s like the place where the magic of a film can be watched in your comfort zone.

I like hanging out with my friends. They make you stop worrying about life and just chill.

I am a:

  • Huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Huge fan of Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Huge fan of Jules Verne
  • Whovian
  • Sherlockian
  • Potterhead
  • Warsie (fan of Star Wars)
  • Huge fan of Steven Spielberg
  • Fan of Tim Burton
  • Fan of Christopher Nolan
  • Huge fan of Sci-Fi
  • Mythical Beast
  • Member of the Bro Army
  • Huge lover of The Little Prince
  • Fan of Disney’s movies
  • Huge fan of PIXAR’s movies
  • Huge fan of the Back To The Future Trilogy
  • Huge lover of suspense
  • Geek

I also like to say that the phrase “The sky is your limit” is wrong. I think we can go further than that. I think humans are able of reaching the sky limits, and that’s why I like to say:

The sky is the start line.

Enjoy your time here! 😀